7 Important No code Tools To Build MVP Faster and Better

MVP Development

Get access to seven no-code tools that can help you create MVPs faster than any other way. Read on to know more.

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is the initial version of your product. You can understand MVP as a prototype to gauge your customer’s response to your product.

MVP has become more of a necessity for business firms that need tools to help them gauge their product’s viability.

Now, the question is, what are the No-Code tools that can help effectively build MVP? Let us walk through 7 of these no-code tools for minimum-viable product development.

1. InVision

InVision can be defined as a prototyping tool that enables the creation of mockups for your product’s design. These mockups are present in an easy format that can be exchanged over different platforms.

Through InVision, your design team can create mockups that you can use to share your prototypes and wireframing. Each of these mockups possesses a link that is associated with a rendering.

This rendering offers the nearest presentation of what the final design would look like as a web page. This would help you communicate your product’s design to your clients and team members quite easily.

These design mockups are much more effective to use than making a PDF. Also, the best aspect about these mockups is that you can even leave feedback as comments on the mockups.

2. WordPress

Another no-code tool to make MVP is WordPress. Infact, it is one of the most favorable platforms used for making websites across the world.

You can avail of different templates and themes that you can install on your system. In addition, you do not need any piece of coding to make use of these templates.

The benefit of using WordPress to create your MVP is that it enables you to judge your assumptions early through a workable solution. This implies that you can easily create the right package of cost, product, offer, and customer base.

WordPress includes 55,000+ plugins that you can use to build on your functionalities. This would help you save money and time in creating these functionalities.

3. WebFlow

WebFlow is a visual platform to create your website or your web app. Similar to Worpress, you can find hundreds of templates on WebFlow.

The only difference is that you can find both free and paid templates here for your use. From building a one-page website app page to highly complex website pages, WebFlow enables the creation of all kinds.

It is a SaaS platform that comes endowed with a CMS to assist the users in managing their data and content. The CMS is designed in such a manner that users can even define the structure of their content well.

In short, WebFlow can be defined as a drag and drop tool available for designers to help them create engaging websites without the need to write hundreds of long coding pages.

4. Marvel App

Another addition to the list is the Marvel App. If you are also thinking of creating an app of your own, this is a tool to look out for.

This is a no-code platform that assists you in designing and creating prototypes for your apps. This easy-to-use platform is available for free and does not require a single line of code.

Also, the platform comes endowed with pre-built images, assets, and icons that you can easily include in your app. The best part is that you can also use the Marvel App in its offline mode without the need to go online.

In addition, the platform comes with an option that you can use for giving and collecting real-time feedback for your product.

5. Tilda

This is a no-code tool for building MVP that is slightly different from other tools. This is a platform that gives priority to content over design. This tool helps you create websites where you can create interactive platforms for other users to tell their stories.

Many users have created awesome landing pages without any code through Tilda. Though the platform offers 450 templates as suggestions, you can even create a template from scratch if you do not like them.

It is easy to use and navigate and is also well optimized for designing parts. Also, Tilda comes endowed with an icon library, CRM, and built-in images.

6. Bubble

Bubble is one no-code tool that offers you a visual editor for creating web applications, and it helps you create a web app having a visual interface.

Thus, if you know about working on web platforms, this is a tool to use. The platform also offers you tutorials on how to use its features.

The features of Bubble include diverse free and paid templates, an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, more than 1,000 plugins, and a SQL Database Connector. This connector helps you in connecting your application’s database to your apps.

The platform offers you a blank canvas as well as a design tab.

Using visual elements that you can drag and drop, you can build your website on canvas.

Also, Bubble enables you to merge with other platforms, such as TypeForm for getting surveys, Stripe for making and receiving payments, etc.

7. Airtable

Airtable is a database merging tool that requires no coding. It offers a mixture of spreadsheets and databases to help you better organize your data. You can even make use of these database blocks on your app.

The platform comes with easy-to-read instructions to help you make the most of its features. Also, you can avail yourself of unlimited bases, gallery views, grid views, and calendars through the platform.

You can even update values manually in the platform if required. This is a useful platform for creating apps that require huge chunks of data to be maintained and organized.

Key Benefits of Building MVP for startups

MVP is gaining popularity as a perfect tool for startups to turn their vision and ideas into real-time products. An MVP is an approach that helps you save time and money and helps you gauge the viability of your product among your customer base.

Some of the benefits of creating MVP for startups are:

  • Validation of your idea in the market
  • Concentration on the product’s core functionalities
  • A better understanding of what your clients need
  • Constant update
  • Early testing by users
  • Get affordable solutions
  • Faster reaching time to market

Final Words

These above-mentioned tools are sure to offer you the much required help for building MVP without any coding. These no-code tools help business firms that have no knowledge of coding to test their ideas and products easily in the market.

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So, if you are also a firm seeking no-code tools, make use of these highly efficient no-code tools and create a perfect MVP for your product. Happy Designing.