7 Lesser-Known Strategies to Speed Up Your Website Today

Website Speed

7 Lesser-Known Strategies to Speed Up Your Website Today

By Karan Saxena: Bill Gates once said, “Success on the internet is directly proportional to the speed of your website.” Slow website speeds not only frustrate visitors but also result in high bounce rates and poor search engine rankings.

To help you achieve optimal performance, we have gathered seven highly effective tips that will help you not just to optimize your website’s speed but will also enhance user experience and bolster your online presence.

In this blog we will not cover common tips like optimising website image or keeping it updated, but will cover lesser-known strategies that not all know about.

1. Optimize Image Formats and Lazy Loading:

While optimizing image sizes is crucial, considering image formats can also make a significant difference.

Explore modern image formats like WebP or AVIF, which offer superior compression without compromising quality.

Additionally, implement lazy loading techniques, which prioritize the loading of visible content, and load other images as users scroll down the page, reducing initial loading times.

2. Utilize Preconnect and Preload:

Go beyond basic optimization techniques by utilizing preconnect and preload directives. Preconnect allows the browser to set up early connections with resources like fonts or third-party scripts, reducing the overall latency. Preload hints the browser to fetch critical resources in advance, ensuring faster rendering of essential content.

3. Implement Resource Caching Strategies:

Incorporate advanced resource caching strategies beyond traditional browser caching. Utilize server-side caching techniques such as Redis or Varnish, which store frequently accessed resources in memory, drastically reducing server response times and enhancing website speed.

4. Use Asynchronous Loading for JavaScript:

Consider loading JavaScript asynchronously to prevent render-blocking and enhance website speed. By appending the “async” attribute to script tags, JavaScript files are loaded in the background, allowing the browser to continue rendering the page without waiting for script execution.

5. Optimize Database Queries and Queries Indexing:

For dynamic websites relying on databases, optimize database queries and ensure proper indexing. Fine-tuning database queries, avoiding unnecessary operations, and indexing frequently accessed columns significantly improve database performance, resulting in faster page loading times.

6. Minimize Third-Party Scripts and Plugins:

While third-party scripts and plugins can add functionality to your website, they can also impact performance.

Regularly review and minimize the number of external scripts and plugins used. Choose lightweight alternatives or consider custom development to reduce reliance on external dependencies and improve website speed.

7. Implement HTTP/2 and SSL/TLS:

Upgrade your website to HTTP/2, the latest version of the HTTP protocol, to leverage its advanced features like multiplexing and server push.

Additionally, secure your website with SSL/TLS encryption, which not only protects user data but also improves website speed as search engines prioritize secure websites.


By incorporating these unique tips alongside the standard optimization techniques, you’ll differentiate your website from others in the industry.

As a web design and development company in India, you have the opportunity to provide the best website design and development services, backed by these advanced strategies.

With a fast-loading website, you’ll enhance user experience, gain higher search engine rankings, and position yourself as a leader in the competitive web design India market.

To create or upgrade your website and make sure it works as per your expectations, it is advisable you get in touch with a professional web design and development company who can ensure best website design for your business.

One such agency for web design in India or abroad that I can recommend you is Brand Bazooka, which is in the business of advertising and digital marketing for more than 12 years.

Their team of experts are excellent at website design and development services and will help you speed up your website effectively.

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