7 Remarkable Tips to resolve Offline Printer

Tips to resolve Offline Printer

With the advancement of technology, several computing devices have been introduced in the market. Also with today’s powerful printers equipped with cutting-edge technology, nothing is more inconvenient than a print falling occasionally.

Printers have been a great asset for almost every sector whether commercial or non-commercial. No doubt, this computing device promotes good printing results.

The printer turned offline is one of the most common problems in printer devices. This error frustrates every user using a printer machine.

It has been found that almost 70-80% of printer models experience this kind of error during their printing process.

If your printer experiences some critical errors such as color printing issues, then you can chat with the experienced team of printer helpers.

This error is due to some critical reasons i.e., software faults and hardware faults.

Why is my printer turned offline?

Whenever a user trying to print a document on the printer machine then there arises an error status displayed on the screen that leads to the downfall of the printer’s performance.

When a printer machine turned its status offline automatically, then it stops communicating with the computer system. This is due to external factors.

One of the most important factors that lead to the offline status of a printer machine is the physical connection and damaged USB cable. We’ll take a look at those reasons one by one.

1. Connection Issue

Your printer appears to be offline due to a lack of connectivity with the linked computer. It’s possible that this problem is caused by software or hardware.

To narrow down the problem, we’ve put together a list of actions to get your printer working again.

The very first step is to double-check your broadband connection. Check all the router and USB cords on your cable network or Wi-Fi connection. Disconnect and re-plug as required, so a simple restart or refresh may be all that’s required!

2. Poor installation error

If you’re going to use a new printer device for the first time, an installation issue could be to blame. If the printer does not display in the “Devices and Printers” menu, it was most likely not installed correctly.

If this is the case, reinstalling it should be able to resolve the issue. A user must install a printer machine carefully or by following the exact installation manual shown in the product packaging box.

3. Driver issue

This is another reason for having an offline printer device in the Windows operating system. As drivers are quite important for a device without it printer is failed to fetch all the print instructions from the computer system.

A driver turns obsolete when it is used for quite a long time or ignoring the regular updates.Moreover, a driver is a set of instructions that a printer is used to interact with the computer system.

Whenever the version of a driver shows outdated or corrupted, it is better to upgrade the driver to its latest version.

4. Full print queue

Full queue or bulk of pending printer job queues is also considered as the main reason for having an offline printer issue.

When you are trying to print your important document on your printer device and send a print instruction but they refused to produce the end results. A cluster of printer queues will make your system weak or offline.

It is important to clear the printer queue on the printer machine. Simply click “cancel all documents” to reboot your machine. It could have simply been overwhelmed by all of the awaiting print jobs.

5. Slow power cycle

Printers, like other kinds of electronic devices, may simply require a power cycle. Frequently, switching your printer off and on solves the issue.

Turn the printer off, then unplug it for at least 30 min before plugging it back in. Continue debugging if it still says “printer offline.”

Hardware problem

At last, the printer turned offline is due to the hardware compatibility issue of the computer system.

If none of the preceding troubleshooting steps worked to get your printer back up, you’re probably dealing with a hardware issue. If this is the case, you could put it to the test first.

Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve Offline printer issue

Your printer is offline apparently due to no communication with the attached computer. The reason behind this error may be related to the software or hardware. To further narrow down the issue, we are sharing a few lists of steps to get your printer back online.

  • Make sure that Your printer and PC are both on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Ensure that your printer is set as your computer’s default printer.
  • Take 30 seconds after turning off the printer until putting it back on.
  • Remove all print requests from the queue.
  • Uninstall and reinstall your printer

Get back your printer online in Windows and Mac

Step 1. In the search box, type devices and scanners & proceed next.

Step 2. A new window for Printers & Scanners will open.

Step 3. Select the printer device from the available list, click to select from it. 

Step 4. A new pop-up window will open up on the screen.

Step 5. Click on “Printer” located at the top right corner in the box.

Step 6. Save the changes to check the printer status.

Troubleshooting Tips in Mac Operating System

Step 1. Go to the Apple menu and click on the system preferences

Step 2. Check for system updates.

Step 3. Check for printer updates.

Step 4. Remove printer’s queue to boost up the efficiency and accuracy of the printer device.

Step 5. Run the test print command to check the status of the printer device whether it is printed correctly or not.

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