7 Tips For Building The Perfect Home Theater Room

Home Theater Room

Hey all, I hope this article finds you well. With everyone now sitting at their homes, with their families. With lots of restrictions imposed on not going outside, it is more tedious than it has been ever.

Finding something to keep the whole family, especially the kids, entertained and busy was a tough job.

As for my family and me, we love to binge-watch films and series but as the situations demand, it is unfortunate that we cannot go to the theatres and watch movies; I thought why not build the perfect home theatre room at my own house? 

So here I am with some of the tips  I followed when I build my home theatre in my house. Have fun as you read. 

1. Planning

  • Planning is so essential before you start to work on any project. 
  • Small details like the facing of the theatre screen, maximum usage of the room’s space, interior designing, the size of the screen and speakers, etc.
  • Plan and make a list of needful items before you start remodelling the house. 

2. Location

  • If you are installing a room theatre, it is obvious that you need to enjoy the big screen to its fullest. Find out the best place in your house.
  • Make sure to select a spacious separate room from all the other rooms. 
  • This is necessary because you do not want external disturbances to interrupt your entertainment. 

3. Choosing the system 

  • Choose that one home theatre system that fits your style, interiorsand budget.
  • Not just these three aspects, look for a superior frame, excellent sound quality and well built-up body. 
  • Apart from that, you will need a basic projector and a big white screen as big as you want it. 

4. Sound 

  • If you want an enjoyable experience of a home theatre, I suggest you go for awesome surround sound speakers that give you a taste of the actual movie theatre.
  • Go for speakers that suit the size of your interiors and the rooms. 
  • Two massive speakers near the screen and two additional speakers mounted over the ceiling will give you enough feels of a home theatre.  

5. Lighting

  • When you call it a theatre, choose an area with subtle lighting
  • If you have any hole in the wall, ensure to cover it properly so that no light comes through.
  • Paint or keep the ceiling black in colour; that will add more dimension to the darkroom. 

6. Seating

  • Determine the seating properly, with no blockages in between of your sight.
  • The seating should be placed in such a manner that the viewer’s neck doesn’t cramp.
  • While you arrange the seating, keep in mind the speakers too. They should not be placed much near to the ears. 

7. Comfort

  • Last but not least, comfort is above all. Install good quality air conditions to maintain a comfy atmosphere. 
  • Install home theatre lights, preferably any of these: Recessed lighting,  wall sconces, Ambient lighting, LED or fibre optic lighting strips in the floor or baseboards.
  • You can give it an aesthetic and a dedicated viewing experience. 

If you are about to renovate your space and room into a perfect home theatre room, then make sure to follow these above-given tips.

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