7 Tips for Successful Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Checklist to Optimize Amazon Product Listing for Success

The Perfect Checklist to Optimize Amazon Product Listing

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace. It caters to a huge consumer base that can help you succeed as an online merchant. Read through the article to find the expert tips and optimize Amazon product listing successfully.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization: Checklist for Success

Amazon is the biggest online market with more than one million active sellers in the US alone. Around 81 percent of Americans aged, between 18-34 are Amazon prime members with a total of 66.4 million prime subscriptions in the US.

With that kind of an audience, selling your product on Amazon can be a launchpad to success, provided you are able to tap into the potential of this huge market.

However, doing that requires a lot more than listing your products on Amazon. You will have to modify the listings, create unique content, implement SEO, edit and post images, videos, how-to guides, etc., while also managing your core business duties.

Additionally, following and understanding Amazon’s frequently changing guidelines for listings can be a daunting task. However, if you can optimize Amazon listing correctly, the chances for growth are higher.

Here is a list of tips that can help you optimize Amazon product listings and grow your eStore across the US market with ease.

7-Step Checklist to Optimize Amazon Product Listings 

Amazon Product Listing

1. Search-Friendly Titles

Optimizing an Amazon product title is crucial to engaging with relevant consumers. A product’s title assists the Amazon A9 algorithm to understand what the listing is trying to sell and connect it to relevant search queries from prospective buyers who are looking for similar products.

A 200-character space is provided to list your title on Amazon. You should try to include the following elements in that space.

  • Include your target audience in the title.
    • Eg – Calcium Candy Bones for 2-6 month Puppies
  • Product name or type
  • Brand and model
  • Quantity, size, unit
  • Key feature (USP)
  • Variant, color, flavor, material, etc.
  • Target keywords

Using Target keywords in the title can help your buyers find your product. To optimize your title in Amazon product listing:

2. Descriptive Images

Product images are the principal attracting feature of an Amazon listing. Nearly 75% of buyers base their purchasing decisions on the product photo.

That, combined with the increasing user preferences for visual search, indicate the critical role that images play in conversion on Amazon.  

Amazon has set a few image guidelines to maintain the quality of product listings on the platform. Sellers can optimize their product pictures by using the following tips.

  • The image should be zoomable with a maximum length of 1000 pixels and a minimum length of 500 pixels.
  • The image should be clear, information-rich, and attractive.
  • The product should be the main focus of the image occupying 85% of the area.
  • Images should not contain logos, watermarks, or inset images.
  • The image should not contain text other than that on the product.
  • Images should not contain any such accessories that aren’t included with the product.
  • The background should be plain, ideally white.
  • JPEG is the preferred format on Amazon, though TIFF or GIF can also be used.
  • Amazon allows up to 6 images in listings, so utilize it for a better presentation of the product’s features.
  • Sellers can include packaging photos, explanatory graphics, lifestyle images, etc, to make the content-rich.

3. Value Adding Product Features

Amazon product listing has an option to include bullet points. Your key product features can be integrated here to help your consumers quickly review what the products offer. 

Create bullet points that show your product’s uniqueness. You can also include a few keywords in the bullet section. The following tips can help you create proper bullets for Amazon product listings. :

  • Begin the bullets with your product’s USP
  • List out the features that solve customer’s problems
  • List the features that add value to the solution features
  • Include quantity, sizing, color, and material
  • Try to inspire need in prospective customers
  • Explain how it is better than the competition

4. Crisp and Comprehensive Descriptions

Amazon provides a 2000-character space for detailed product descriptions further below the product detail page.

In this section, sellers can detail product features. The following tips can help you sketch out good descriptions:

  • Enroll in Amazon’s brand registry and utilize A+ content templates
  • Describe every detail of your product without the fluff
  • Describe usage guidelines
  • Add details like service, warranty, and customer support
  • You can also add a video in the description explaining product usage and features or unboxing
  • Product 3D images are quite popular among customers, use these graphics to explain the listing

5. Product Reviews

Collecting genuine product reviews is important for Amazon merchants. A large number of customers (over 93.8% as per a Statista review) base their buying decision on product reviews from existing customers.

Generally, sellers send a follow-up mail to customers asking them for reviews, add feedback cards to the packaging, or reach out to the customers through Amazon’s internal messaging system for the same.

However, Amazon discourages sellers from bothering customers for reviews in any form( like offering discounts on the next purchase in exchange for a positive review.). Considering that, the following tips can help you inspire customers to review your product:

  • Sell products that solve customer problems and inspire them to send feedback
  • Utilize the ‘Request a Review’ button on your order page
  • Amazon allows a single review request, so use that judiciously
  • You can utilize Amazon optimization services to get reviews

6. Product Ratings

Product rating depends on a lot of factors and is important to convert leads. Amazon follows strict rules for customer satisfaction and penalizes any seller that does a violation by lowering sales ranks, also known as Amazon’s best sellers rank.

The following tricks can help you gain and maintain ratings:

  • Adhere to Amazon seller guidelines
  • Inspire positive feedbacks
  • Make sure to remove fake negative feedback
  • Maintain good customer support services
  • Maintain a customer-friendly delivery tracking and management
  • Follow a customer-friendly return and refund policy
  • Strictly follow Amazon regulations to avoid getting penalized.

7. Accurate Keyword Research

Keyword research and integration is an integral part of Amazon listing optimization. Keywords need to be well researched and analyzed before usage.

You need to look for search terms related to your products, relate them with the search queries that can be used by customers. Here are a few tips that can help you get focused keywords for the listing:

  • Find keywords through your product type
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Find keywords that have high search volume
  • Use short keywords in the listing copy
  • Use long-tail keywords in the search-terms
  • Use one to three keywords in the title, bullet, and description.
  • Do not cluster your content with keywords.
  • You can utilize tools and Amazon store optimization services, if required, for effective and quick keyword research & implementation.

Final Thought

We tried to sum up the key Amazon product optimization steps, but succeeding on Amazon takes more than these 7 tips.

Sellers need to go through Amazon guidelines on product listing so that none of the rules are violated, maintain their order fulfillment rates and minimize order cancellation numbers to maintain a proper seller rating, and maintain continuous vigilance to keep up their seller account health, among other things.

Empathizing with your consumer and offering value to them is the best way to build a loyal connection.

Additionally, creating refined copies and keeping a tab on the latest listing trends and competition will provide great results.

However, if you are going through a resource, time, or budget crunch, it would be wise to outsource Amazon product page optimization services to a reputed vendor for quick and effective outcomes.

Author Bio – Mike Wilsonn is a professional content creator, working as a Content Strategist at SunTec India.

With 5+ years of proven experience as a writer, he has written compelling content on diverse topics including technology, travel, digital publishing, data, among others.

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