7 Tips to Increase Staff Motivation that Boost Productivity

Staff Motivation

1. Understanding what motivates each member of your team

If you want to motivate the members of your team, it is a good idea to start with understanding what it is that drives them individually. No two customer service representatives are exactly the same, just like with customers.

Every member of the team has their own unique approach and personality when dealing with customers.

They also have know what motivates them. You can get a sense of how you can inspire each of the team by sitting down one-on-one with them. You will eventually know what to do to motivate the team as a whole.

2. Providing opportunities for growth

One of the biggest motivators at the workplace is the chance to get promoted. People prefer knowing that they are working towards a given goal, like a raise or a higher position, click here for work planner schedules to identify opportunities.

When it comes to customer service, it is going to involve the creation of options for employees to move up into Team Supervisor or Lead Customer Service Representative.

Whatever that position is, it is important for them to know that they are opportunities available. When they know about such opportunities, they understand that their performance will lead to valuable growth and it is going to affect their position in the organization.

3. Encouraging friendly competition

Another effective motivational tactic you can use is harnessing the competitive nature of team members. A good way of doing this is creating a prize for the most customers helped or positive reviews received at the end of the week or month.

Such games are great because they break up any monotony and it provides an incentive for the team. This is approach is also effective for team building because it brings the members closer together and bolster team spirit.

You should be careful so the competition doesn’t end up impacting the work environment negatively. If you want to avoid such a thing from happening, make sure you have emphasized the overall goal, which is improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

4. Getting in on the action

Diving into the trenches is a great way of getting to understand your team well. Conducting customer phone calls or sitting in on them can give you a good idea of how the team functions.

This is a great way of showing solidarity, and employees are going to appreciate this because you understand their challenges.

When you have this knowledge, you can start looking for ways of improving operations and increasing both employee and customer happiness.

5. Hosting regular training and refresher sessions

A good way of boosting employee motivation is by investing in the professional development of your team. The products and services of the company evolve, but it is the same case with your customers.

This is why you need to develop customer service techniques regularly so you can have the best and fastest solutions.

When your customer service reps get training sessions, they feel like you believe in their work and want them to grow. They are more likely to start investing in their own development too.

6. Brightening up the workspace

Working in dull workspaces is something many people don’t like because it is not good for motivation and inspiration. Your team is spending a lot of their time at work, which makes it important to have a comfortable and inviting work environment.

This can involve the use of interesting décor and colorful paint on the walls. It is also a good idea to provide regular wellness activities.

It is draining when you have to spend the entire day sitting at a desk and on the computer. Wellness workshops with activities like yoga and stretching can increase stimulation and their creative juices will start flowing.

7. Encouraging creativity

Customers are just people, which means there isn’t one single way to handle their concerns and questions.

The problem many customer service representatives have is being told to use a specific script when dealing with unhappy customers.

Instead of the rigid set of rules, let your employees use their creativity when dealing with such situations.

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This can result in an approach that leads to improved customer satisfaction and the employees will feel a little more confident dealing with unhappy or tough customers.