8 Google Ads Tricks To Help You Scale Profitably

Google Ads Tricks

As a business owner, you’re probably going to make lots of changes in your marketing strategy. There are business persons who believe that paid ads are a way of reviving their failing businesses, while others believe that paid ads are a waste of time (and resources).

Well, these are half-truths — but that’s not to say that Google ads bring nothing to the table. Google ads, if done appropriately, can revamp your business.

To get the most from it, you’ve got to scale google ads — and that goes beyond the random tricks you see every day.

Yes, your Google account is all set, and your campaign is optimized — and that’s when the real work begins. To generate good results, you’ve got to commit more time, effort, and also make some necessary adjustments.

Speaking of adjustments, they could be in the form of tricks that would help you to profitably scale your google ads. 

But here comes the big question — can you scale google ads? Well, here’s what you need to know.

Are Google ads scalable?

According to PPCexpo, Yes. Google ads are scalable, and that’s why lots of business owners spend millions of dollars annually on them.

If your Google campaign is converting profitably, there is no reason to stop the campaign or put a cap on it.

All you’ve got to do is increase your budget so your profit (and leads) could increase accordingly. Therefore, if your business needs lots of leads, your best shot could be google ads.

How to scale your google ads?

If you desire to scale google ads and generate a good return on ads investment (ROAI), then you’ve got to focus on it.

  • Scaling your campaign structure
  • Scaling your campaign performance metrics
  • Scaling your campaign targeting.

Scaling your campaign structure

To scale your campaign structure, here are some things to do.

  1. Reallocate your budget

Take a look at your lost impression share to determine how much you’re leaving on the table due to your budget limitation.

To reduce your lost impression share, you’ve got to increase the budget of the campaign that’s already working.

Also, keep the return on investment in mind so you can avoid spending on weak campaigns. At the end of the day, you should make a better ROI without wasting many resources.

  • Focus on new keywords and match types

Digital marketing is an evergreen industry. To be relevant, you must always be on the lookout for new keywords and continuously refine your list. Moving on, you’ve got to use keyword tools like PPCexpo for a more refined process.

Let’s say you make some bids on exact match type keywords, and you are not happy with the result you are generating, you can readjust and bid on broad match or phrase match keywords.

It would help you generate a higher impression share. A higher impression share translates to more leads and conversions.

  • Use ad customizer to scale

Ad customizer helps boost your ad performance while eliminating the time spent on updating your ads. If done right, the feature could help you boost your quality score.

  • Optimize your landing page

Landing pages that are more relevant and engaging will likely convert more visitors. If you sell multiple products, it would be more beneficial to create and optimize various landing pages for each of your products.

You’ve got to target the right audience using good keyword(s). After that, you would have to drive massive eyeballs to the landing page.

Scaling your campaign performance metrics

Here are reliable ways of scaling your campaign performance metrics.

  1. Boost your click through rate (CTR)

Optimizing your ad is of no good if it’s not increasing key metrics like your click through rate. You shouldn’t just aim to increase your click through rate, but you’ve got to increase the figure without increasing your cost-per-click (CPC) rate.

  • Scale using your quality score

A low-quality score means fewer people will see your ads. With a high-quality score, you will likely reach more people. Test various versions of your landing page to identify the one that would generate the most results.

By optimizing elements like your headlines, call-to-action, images, and page content, you will most likely boost the overall quality score.

  • Scale using a conversion rate

To boost conversion rate in marketing campaign, your ad content has to be useful to your target audience. A high click through rate is of no good if it does not generate conversions. 

To boost your chances of generating high conversions, your ad content has to correlate with the content on your landing page.

Scaling your campaign targeting

Here are reliable ways of scaling the targeting of your campaign.

  1. Consider the location, time, and language

If you are up for it, you can widen your reach to include various areas and cities. And if you desire to reach a wider range of audiences, you can do that by changing your language in the google ads. This technique is vital when your audience is fluent in multiple languages.

  • Your audience devices

Your audience device is of utmost importance. Targeting people on desktop devices will limit the number of eyeballs you’d reach. When scaling, you’ve got to target people who use desktops, smartphones, tablets, and other forms of electronic devices.

One more thing…

Review your ads and landing pages on all devices before launching your campaign.

  • Take advantage of seasonal events

Yes, there are quiet periods in a year — but it shouldn’t scare you! If you take advantage of smart marketing campaigns, you will likely generate good returns on your investment.

Here’s how to do that.

Run seasonal ads during national holidays like Christmas, Black Friday, and summer holidays.

During this holiday period, you can run tailored ads, promotions, or discounts to generate more conversions.

  • Use Promos

Running promotions during holiday periods is good, but you can take it a step further by running these promotions during any time of your choice.

All you’ve got to do is create compelling offers and run google ads to reach your target audience.

Compelling offers could be free shipping or a discount on some of your products. Keep working on promoting various products to see what works, and what doesn’t.

Why is it important to scale your google ads?

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Scaling google ads helps you get the most out of your best-performing ad campaign. You can scale your google ads by making adjustments like increasing your ad spend, targeting high-performing audiences, and working on your creative.