8 Simple Tips to Design Romantic Bedroom

Romantic Bedroom

The bedroom is your private world of solace. It should relieve you of all your stress and tension with comfort and serenity.

A thoughtful design with simple elements can induce your heart with extreme peace. We are looking into some of the simple tips and tricks for romantic bedroom interior design that will make the room a wonderful world.

To radiate romantic vibes you can think of adding mood lighting, plush throws, gauzy canopy beds, evocative artwork and more.

Check out these romantic bedroom ideas for couples and singles equally, while designing your bedroom. Alternatively, you can consult professional interior designers in kochi for more romantic bedroom interior designs ideas for your dream home. 

Look at the bedroom decor ideas listed below and convert your bedroom space more romantic.

1. Special Lighting 

Lights can instil positivity in your psyche. Choosing sensible lighting patterns is essential in the case of the bedroom.

You can try out different types of lights and select the one depending on your mood. Avoid harsh lights that can affect your moods.

The windows, ventilation and doors must be designed in such a way to allow maximum natural light.

It is good for elevating your moods and reducing energy consumption. Install soft bed lamps, lights placed at right spots and soft lighting around the bedroom are also advisable.

You may ask for assistance from interior designing professionals if rewired. Try a Moroccan pendant lamp to add a touch of brass and beautify the whole space creating a perfect mood. 

2.  Light, Soft, Shades

Colourful rooms painted with an exclusive collection of shades will make the room appear romantic as well as calm.

Contemplate different colour combinations and decide upon the colour combo depending on your tastes and the design pattern of your home. 

Colours like Lavender, Pink, and Light Blue have been clients’ favourites since long. You can make a different combination based on your colour choices.

Avoid using harsh colours that may make your heart more stressed. The colours must soothe your soul and help you relive the whole day’s tension at work. It should rejuvenate your inner senses. 

3. Linen over Cotton

Cotton bed covers and bed sheets had been people’s choice since long. The same is being replaced with linen nowadays.

The popularity of linen bed covers and sheets have been rising day by day. The number of people choosing linen over cotton has seen a great increase in the recent past.

Using linen will provide a smooth feel and add to the romantic appeal of your room. It will appear as if you are staying in a plush hotel every day.

Although linen is costlier than cotton, it’s worth the extra money you pay. Consider your budget and decide whether to go with linen or cotton.

You may switch over to linen later if you have budgetary constraints now. Using fluffy faux fur throws can augment the cosiness of your bedroom effectively.

4. Rugs for Floor

You may not have to cover the entire bedroom floor with rugs. Use soft rugs around the bed.

So that you step onto a soft surface when you wake in the morning or before going to bed.

The rugs will enhance both the feel and appeal. The design and colour of rugs could be comprehending the shades in the room. 

You can discuss with your spouse and confirm the right rug to put in the bedroom. Else, ask the interior designer for suggestions. They will be able to suggest cost-effective rugs for your bedroom.  

5. Tech-free Environment

Technology, especially smartphones, has infiltrated into our lives. The effect of smartphones and social media is so much so that we feel it as if it is part of our body.

We would suggest you make your bedroom a tech-free zone. Keep the phones out and use the space to reinvent your inner self. 

You may ask your interior designers to allocate exclusive space for keeping smartphones. Rather than taking the phones into the bedroom.

It may not be practicable for some people who will be constantly interacting with clients or partners.

And may need 24×7 interactions. Still, you think of an alternative to avoid carrying all the worries into your bedroom. 

6.  Elegant Touches of Wood

Use touches of wood at places to amplify the elegance of the bedroom. It can be something like oak panelling or similar design features.

Being an amateur in the interior designing field, you may not be able to assume the effect of wooden textures.

Add plush cream carpet and Luxe red armchair to bring more warmth to your room. An experienced interior designing agency will be able to guide you with ample examples. Do check out the homes designed by them if possible.

7. Build a Bathtub

A Bathtub is obviously a cool idea to add more romantic touch to your bedroom. A  bedroom edged with mirrors for a magnifying effect and the elevated en-bedroom bathtub guarantees immense pleasure and romance.

8. Mix Old and New

Mix the style of old and new. Equal elements classic and edgy, create a space that is unique like nothing.

Right from choosing the curtains and the bed, introduce a sense of unique touch binding the old classy look and modernity to bring intimacy and a spirit of tradition. 


Nothing can replace the comfort provided by the home. Therefore, you must consider assigning the right architects and interior designing firms for designing and constructing it.

Expert bedroom interior designers will quickly understand your needs and suggest brilliant concepts that will elevate the appearance and appeal. romantic bedroom design ideas we discussed here are some among many such ideas. 

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You may be having your own concepts and assumptions regarding your bedroom. That may be conveyed to the designers whilst discussing home designs. They will work in tandem with you to make the home a wonderful place to be.