8 Tasks You Need to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant ASAP

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What a virtual assistant can help you do is almost limitless. From bookkeeping, data analysis, and social media management to copywriting and research, you can delegate a host of tasks to a virtual assistant and free up your time.

Well, sometimes, you just want to execute some tasks yourself to have some feeling of control. But no matter how versatile you are as a business owner, you indeed should be delegating some tasks if you must optimize productivity.

Here are eight tasks you should consider delegating to a virtual assistant:

1. Calendar management

Keeping up schedules can be quite a hassle and will increase in intensity as your business grows. You may find yourself moving items around on your calendar and rescheduling appointments.

A virtual assistant can help you manage your calendar and notify you of appointments, so you never have to miss any appointments. This will enable you to focus on what matters in the present.

2. Social media management

Social media management is one of the first tasks you want to delegate to a virtual assistant, as it can consume a lot of time. Creating and scheduling posts and replying to comments can be exhausting even as you try to keep up with trends and goings-on online.

And as you probably know, social media is a valuable marketing tool for businesses nowadays, so you don’t want to lag.

Instead, find one of the best virtual assistant services to keep things running online while you manage your in-office management.

3. Admin tasks

Admin tasks are something no business can avoid indeed. This may include:

  • Making travel arrangements
  • Business correspondence
  • Taking and forwarding phone calls
  • Data entry
  • Preparing reports
  • HR
  • Researching the best equipment, software, or vendor to get
  • Customer relationship management
  • Making online purchases

Although some admin tasks require physical presence to execute, you can outsource whichever one that can be conveniently completed online to save time and cost. Virtual assistants charge a lower rate compared to what you’ll pay an in-house employee.

4. Copywriting

From website content and blog writing to sales letters and emails, every brand requires creative use of words to engage and compel their audiences.

But is writing one of your strong suits? Even if it were, how much time do you spend creating your blog posts and ads?

That’s valuable time you should gear towards managing and improving your business as an entrepreneur.

It would be best to outsource your writing projects to a specialized virtual assistant while focusing on your core strengths.

5. Bookkeeping

All the numbers an entrepreneur deals with are enough to produce a thunderclap headache. From expenses to profits and invoicing, you can delegate your bookkeeping to a virtual assistant to keep up with your finances.

It’s a burden you shouldn’t be handling, but one you believe you have to as a startup small business owner.

6.     Email management

Emails have a mysterious way of taking up your time. You might think all you need is a moment to check up on your emails, but you may realize you’ve spent almost an hour — if not more. And yet, you still manage to forget to reply to some urgent messages.

Your virtual assistant can help sort your inbox, respond to relevant messages, delete spam, and notify you of whatever you need to attend to.

7. Data analysis

Data is crucial for decision-making. With the right insights into customer behavior, you can discover valuable information to transform your entire business.

From your website and social media analytics, your virtual assistant can turn raw data into a meaningful report to optimize your decision-making process.

8. Publishing assistance

Are you an author? Then you already know a lot goes into the book publishing process. Self-publishing authors can delegate the following tasks to a virtual assistant:

  • Helping with ISBN registration
  • Engaging fans and book clubs on social media on behalf of the author
  • Scheduling book tours
  • Looking out for literary partners and opportunities for the author

By delegating tasks to a virtual assistant, self-publishing authors can free up time to focus on their creative work.

This list is not exhaustive. The truth is, you can delegate to a virtual assistant any task that can be completed remotely, which is unnecessarily taking up your time.

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