8 things people get wrong about Laser Hair removal

Laser Hair removal

Are you thinking about laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the easiest and simplest way to get rid of unwanted body hairs. No more pain of waxing, shaving & tweezing again & again.

Rashes & itchiness on the skin during summertime and many other problems are due faced to unwanted hairs.

Getting rid of these problems has never been easier before. A painless and effective technology that provides relief from unwanted hairs permanently. A high-frequency light pulse is passed into hair follicles to get rid of the hair permanently.

Myths About Laser Hair Removal

There are many common things that people get wrong about LASER HAIR REMOVAL. In this blog, we will break your myths & let the correct information come to you.

MYTH 1: Laser hair removal damages your skin

Truth: Most people believe that the laser treatment damages your skin which is false. The laser directly targets hair follicles and hair pigments present on the skin avoiding the damage caused to human skin, making it safe & secure.

Many scientific studies have shown the safe nature of laser hair removal. It’s just that people have to take care of skin after treatment.

MYTH 2: Laser hair removal is a painful procedure

Truth: Many people think that laser hair reduction is a painful process to go through. In fact, it is a contactless process in which the high-tech laser light is passed on the skin, making it a completely contactless treatment that has no pain before or after the completion.

MYTH 3:  After treatment, it causes the hair to grow denser and more frequently.

Truth: People think it will lead to denser hair & hair will grow faster, in fact, it is quite opposite. With every sitting of a treatment, hairs get significantly reduced & it gets thinner and thinner as the laser therapy damages the hair follicles with each session.

MYTH 4: Laser Treatment is harmful to your health

Truth: The treatment is performed on the skin which penetrates inside your skin deep around 1-4 mm, therefore only hair roots/follicles are damaged which present at the superficial level of the human skin. It doesn’t harm your internal organs.

MYTH 5: After the first treatment hairs are permanently removed

Truth: The laser treatment does not remove your hair permanently within one session. After the treatment begins, the targeted hair particles start getting damaged as the first session completes.

For complete hair removal treatment, it takes 4-6 sessions in which hair follicles are completely damaged and stops growing.

MYTH 6: Laser hair removal is ineffective on dark skin.

Truth: The laser treatment doesn’t work according to your skin colour. The laser machine directly contacts hair follicles irrespective of the skin colour it effectively removes hairs.

With the advanced technology, the treatment has got even more effective. Before starting the treatment always consider the practitioner has advanced equipment for laser treatment.

MYTH 7: Laser treatment exposes your skin to Harmful Radiation

Truth: The laser hair removal machines are USA F.D.A approved, which means machines are certified only when there is no harmful radiation emitted.

This myth is very popular ionizing laser harms the skin but doesn’t it only targets hair follicles. And here at MidasTouch we use the most advanced tech machines for customer’s safety.

MYTH 8: Hair removal treatment causes infertility

Truth: Most people think having laser hair reduction around the pubic area will affect their fertility. Laser beams don’t penetrate deep into your skin where organs are present.. Thus there is no chance of affecting your fertility through the treatment.

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So, these were the common misconceptions regarding Laser hair removal treatment which we have cleared above, hope you have no doubt left. If there is please feel free to contact us. Wrapping up, laser hair removal is the most effective and painless hair removal treatment to go for.