8 Ways to Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Once you turned 30, you must have noticed the loss of elasticity and moisture in your skin texture. With growing age wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes start appearing quite often.

The signs of premature aging may appear differently in every individual. Ethnicity, genes, health conditions play a major role in the aging process. This type of aging is medically termed “Intrinsic aging”.

Although aging is a natural phenomenon, lifestyle choices and environmental factors also contribute to premature or “extrinsic” aging of the skin.

Nevertheless, following these preventive measures, you can still constrain the factors causing early aging.

1. Protect Skin from The Sun

Direct exposure to UV rays is the root cause of premature aging. The harmful UV rays can affect your skin even inside your home.

Dermatologists recommend you must wear SPF30 sunscreen routinely. It is essential to wear sunscreen at the beaches, swimming pools and places with water bodies.

The higher moisture density at these places damages your skin terribly. Sunscreens with water resistance are specially formulated for this purpose.  You can also look out for UV protection clothes if you work under the sun frequently.

2. Do Exercise Regularly

Staying fit has a lot more influence than maintaining your body weight and immune system. Exercising regularly improves blood circulation and increases skin cell formation. This gives you a youthful appearance besides glowing skin.

3. Prevent Eating Disorder

What you eat will shortly show up on your skin. A healthy and balanced diet with green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits rich in Vitamin A, D and E helps in better skin replenishing.

Avoid eating food with refined sugar, simple carbohydrates and fats. Avoid junk food right away.

The unhealthy oils and added preservatives used to prepare these kinds of food items result in acne, blackheads and oily skin. Drink plenty of water to remove harmful toxins and keep your body hydrated.

4. Use Retinol Cream

Retinol is a milder OTC version of class retinoid. In the mid-’30s, the skin cell starts to lose its elasticity and moisture. The skin cells do not regenerate at the same rate.

Retinol boosts the regeneration of the skin cells and lightens the fine lines and wrinkles. It rejuvenates the damaged skin cells resulting in fresh glowing skin.

Although the effects take time to show up, it has positive reviews. You can find retinol in so many products; Serums, skin creams, moisturizers, night creams and many more.

All the products are prepared for different ages, skin types and intensity of the damage to the skin. Choose the right product for you and make it a mandatory part of your skincare routine.

5. Be Gentle To Your Skin

Buy skincare products with mild ingredients. Plenty of premature anti aging products are available in the market, but you must be aware of your skin type and allergies before spending on them.

Harsh products can worsen your skin conditions. Apart from products, you must be gentle on your skin while washing your face, drying it with a towel.

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week to remove dead cells and dirt. Moisturize your skin every day frequently as dry, flaky skin is the result of damaged skin cells. Start taking proper care of skin at the right age to slow down the signs of aging.

6.  Stop Smoking

Smoking has numerous harmful effects on our bodies. It is one of the factors of premature aging. Nicotine present in tobacco slowly narrows down your blood vessels.

This hinders the proper flow of nutrients and oxygen to your skin. Regular smoking leads to wrinkles, dropping of skin, fine lines and dullness of complexion.

7.  Get Good Sleep

Sleeping for a good amount of time helps your body rest and heal itself properly. During your sleep, your body balances the hormone level and repairs all the damaged tissues.

A well-relaxed sleep strengthens your immune system and works on muscle growth. All these factors combined help your skin to heal from everyday wear and tears.

8.  Use Anti-Aging Products

The aging process can be slowed down by applying anti-aging products. The products are not assured to stop your skin from aging but they will certainly delay the process to a fair extent.

Always choose the product before checking your skin type and allergens in it. Give the product some time to show its results before switching on to the new product.

Your skin takes time to react, it’s not a one-day miracle. It takes much more time to treat damaged skin or scarred skin. Make sure you consider these skin conditions before picking a product.

Every choice you make is going to make an impact on your skin. So better start taking care of your body now and counter the effects of premature aging. You may have already started noticing these signs but it’s never too late to make a positive choice.

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