9 Secret Tips For Developing an Android App

Develop Android App

As android has become the largest operating system with over 3 billion active users which are only increasing day by day, the competition amongst android app development has also increased.

Starting a career as an android app developer is easy but succeeding in the career as an android app developer or android app development company is not that simple.

Android is now not only limited to some phones and tablets but it is kind of living with us, from smartwatches to desktops, from speakers to voice assistance systems, it is everywhere. But we are not here to scare by showing the numbers.

The biggest sharks in the android app development world started somewhere just like you, so to become the best android Mobile app development company or developer or to make a successful app here are some, not those traditional tips which you get to hear every time:

9 Best Tips For Developing an Android App

Some tips and advice that will help to develop an android app or to become the best android app developer.

Unique idea with a clear-cut aim.

Yeah, we know it’s again the old and traditional advice to have a unique idea for your android app and have a crystal-clear aim of the android app development. Yet surprisingly so many people forget this while developing an android app or just ignore it.

While thinking about android app development just remember one thing ‘it’s not an app which society uses, it’s the idea and how that idea is changing someone’s life that is what the society uses.’

With that idea the aim should be attached with a question that how will it benefit the society and how can people use my idea to change their lives.

E.g. Uber started with the simple idea by seeing the people struggling with taxi bookings back then, so by connecting these two things (idea plus aim) they made an app for easy and instant taxi booking which has become the most revolutionary app in the world.

Solve a problem

A unique idea and clear-cut aim for any android app can be discovered by seeing problems around and designing an app that can solve a huge problem and can give some sort of relief to society. These kinds of android apps have great potential to grow and become successful.

Have more understanding of android framework internals

The android framework internals is like an ocean, it’s deep and scary but the more you go deep into it the more you discover like never before.

By getting more understanding of the framework internals you will also get a lot of knowledge about how things work and discover the legal loopholes too. If you want to be the best android app developer then don’t miss this point.

 Learn more languages

Learning more languages doesn’t mean learning French and German, instead, it means learning more coding languages.

Learn languages like Java, Kotlin, C++, Lua, and many more. Also, it is best to keep an eye on any new updates regarding android app development languages.

Making UI faster, simpler, and responsive

A ton of surveys and studies stated that the users hate a slow app and this is even seemed to, so a slow app can decrease the chances of your android app becoming successful.

Therefore to sort out this problem you need to explore and identify the new things that can make the user interface (UI) faster and responsive so that it can keep the android app users engaged and hooked to the app.

Make the app navigation simple and easy for the user and remove all the unnecessary deep layers and steps in the android application.

Develop an android app that is compatible with wearable devices

The popularity of wearable devices is increasing in the world especially gaming apps and movie apps.

So making an app that is compatible with wearable devices will make the users more engaged.

With the increasing purchases of wearable devices soon will come the time when users will only download wearable device-friendly applications. Also, take care that your app doesn’t become slow while using a wearable device with it.

Keep up with the latest mobile app development trends.

Being aware and updated about the new and latest mobile app development trends can help the android app developers deliver what Is being liked by the public nowadays.

Suggested is to take the help of the good data scientists and analytical expertise to research the taste of different people and make a personal user experience that will give them a sense of belonging.

Contribution to the open-source

As an android app developer you positively have developed the codes for certain useful things that you are using in your app, consider open sourcing them because there is so much to learn in the outer world.

Ever heard the sentence “the more you give the more you get” applies, in the tech world too. If you don’t have done any open-source development then do whatever you can for other developers, fix some bugs, work upon the speed of the website and app.

Anything that you are good at because this little help can help the other developer too and as well as you get to know about a thing a lot and ideas which you can apply in your android app.

Data Security

Users became so much aware that their data is not being leaked because this can be dangerous.

Earlier some cases came about leakage and after that users check about the security before downloading any app, so it’s the Android app developers’ duty to give a lot of attention to the privacy of the users and make their app safe and secure to use. As a developer, we must protect the private data of the users at any cost.


As an android app developer, it is very important not just to focus on the technical part but also to understand the psychology of the users nowadays.

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The above points are derived from researching the user behaviors and psychology thus referring to those tips can make you the best android development company or developer or can make your app successful.