A 15-Day Self-Care Challenge To Navigate Success

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Navigating success is not easy. Yes, life can sometimes look unfair, and it is easier to join the entitled crowd.

The truth is life owes us nothing. But, we had responsibilities towards ourselves. One we could fulfill only through the art of self-care.

However, there are many who have complained about not having enough time for themselves. They are scrambling with work, trying to pursue success. In fact, there are many who do not even consider self-care and success to go hand in hand.

Here is why you could be wrong!

Correct mental health is not defined by toxic optimism. It is about confidence and resilience during difficult times.

The ability to get up after pitfalls and continue on your path to success comes from having love and affection for oneself.

15-Day Self-Care Challenge

No more lack of time as an excuse. The art of self-care is easier than you would think. In this excerpt below, we have provided a simpler thirty-day challenge.

Fifteen days to slowly grow the habit of prioritizing oneself against toxicity and find your way back to your successful self!

Afterall, you are responsible for your own joy!

Day 1: Start by pointing out five things you love about yourself. This will help you stop the train of constant self-criticism and appreciate the good parts.

Day 2: Write down three affirmations you would love to repeat every day when you wake up.

Day 3: Start a physical fitness routine. No, you wouldn’t need a gym membership. Simply take a walk every day for 30 min. It does wonders for your endorphin levels.

Day 4: Begin with a gratitude journal. Loving oneself comes from loving one’s environment and getting the best out of it. 5 min of gratitude every morning could bring that about. If you do not love journaling that much but still want to try it, 5 min gratitude journaling is the option.

Day 5: Start your therapy session. No, it doesn’t mean you are dealing with a mental health problem, but something everyone requires to navigate and express their emotions better.

Day 6: Start saying no. Yes, memorize this word and use it in situations you do not want to be a part of. Choose yourself for the betterment of your mental health. Bonus! You will have more time to contribute to your goals!

Day 7: Give your environment a makeover. It is your environment where big dreams start transforming. Why not give it a little makeover? Choose colors and aesthetics which improve your critical and creative thinking.

Day 8: On a weekend, simply turn off your cell phone. Draw yourself a warm bath and set the scene with the finest candle. Enjoy a few minutes in absolute bliss with yourself. Don’t have enough bath bombs? Use these amazing bath & body works coupon codes to stack for your bath needs.

Day 9: Forgive yourself for something you have always felt guilty for. Acknowledge and learn from the mistake, and then let it go. Have a fresh start!

Show Yourself Some Love!

Day 10: Buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers. Or sign up for a flower subscription to get these bouquets every week. The vibrancy of the colors and the sweet aroma have a way of uplifting one’s mood.

Day 11: Give yourself 30 min to an hour every day for self-care. Do anything which relaxes you during this time. Preferably in the morning to prepare yourself.

Day 12: Create a feel-good playlist, especially when you are not feeling great about yourself.

Day 13: Pick up a book about self-love and read it. Mark the parts you loved, and add them to your vision board.

Day 14: This brings us to our second last day of this initial journey. Make a vision board to always remind yourself about your goals and aspirations. Plus, add a bit of self-love to it as well.

Day 15: Connect with nature but solo. Yes, end this challenge by going on a serene solo picnic.

Why Choose Yourself?

It is not selfish to find your way out of the toxic lifecycle, friends, or situations and choose oneself. Neither is it selfish to reach out for your dreams, goals, and aspirations and find your success. So, do not be afraid to take 15 days of your life and learn to care for yourself.

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