A Comprehensive Comparison Of Mobile And Walled Led Screen

Walled Led Screen

The stunning visuals of the Led screen can make any event impressive. With the help of this screen, you can show the audience clear images and vibrant videos. 

You can’t restrict the use of the Led screen in a specific event. Two kinds of the Led screen are available in the market.

These two kinds are Walled and Mobile Led screens. Here we are going to have a comparison of both kinds of Led screens.

Whether it’s about showing a movie or launching a new product, you can accomplish your goals. No other kind of screen is as effective as this can be.

If you are considering Led Screen Hire London, it’s important to know how mobile and walled Led screens to differ. Here you can get a clear idea of the benefits which Led screen can provide.

Also, the comparison clears what kind of led screen will be suitable for the event. Both have a remarkable display but both can’t e suitable for every event.

The Advantages Provided By Led Screen:

There is a buzz around the Led screen. But what are your thoughts? Do they really deserve all of this attention?

Without any doubt yes, they come with so many benefits that it’s difficult to list down all. So, take a look at some of the benefits of a led screen.

Visual Appeal:

The first best thing about the Led screen is its quality visual display. The bright and dynamic display successfully attract an audience to the content of the screen. The display of this screen engaging that you can’t help except stare.

Easily Adjustable:

The sleek and slim design allows the easy adjustment of this screen. It is also possible to obtain LED screens in a variety of sizes and shapes. So, it’s quite simple to have the best-Led screen for the event.

Can Be Connected Flawlessly:

Each panel and modular size of the screen work together perfectly. This smooth connection results in a better view and fewer glitches.

Resistant To Weather Changes:

The led screen is an electronic device but still, it has the following qualities:

  • Waterproof
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Dustproof

Even a screen Offered by Led Screen Hire London maintains these qualities in extreme weather conditions.

Due to being strongly resistant to the weather conditions, it is the first choice for outdoor events. Therefore, don’t forget to include the Led screen in the equipment required for the outdoor events.

Completely Affordable:

The Led screens are completely affordable without a choice between buying and renting. Because it won’t make you suffer from stickier shocks.

Because of its long-life span, it is also a type of smart investment. This life span allows it to go longer with an affordability tag.

Till now the benefits of this screen shows that its use is undeniable. However, using the appropriate one is also necessary for the event’s success.

Therefore, without delay let’s move forward towards the comparison of the mobile and the Walled Led screen. Let’s start with the discussion on the mobile-led screen.

Mobile Led Screen:

This is a screen which is built on a steel frame. Also, mounted on an open or an enclosed trailer.

Hydraulic lifting and rotation are also features of the visual system. The advantages of using mobile Led screens are:

· Convenient To Transport:

There is a need to move the mobile Led screen somewhere else. It’s extremely simple, hook the screen upon any vehicle with a hitch.

After that drive it to that place where you want to move it. This ease makes it convenient for the event which needs to be organized at multiple locations.

· Ease Of Use:

Along with the ease of transportation, they are also easy to use. The installation of the led screen doesn’t require much experience.

As a result, it is not necessary to pay special attention to set up the installation or tear down. You can easily focus on other events which you have to arrange after the existing one.

· Highly Reliable:

You can rely on the mobile Led screen in any kind of adverse weather. Most Led screens are capable of withstanding a considerable amount of impact of these elements.

It is preferable to look for a glare-resistant mobile LED screen. Even in bright sunlight, this will produce a clear image on the screen.

· Best For Advertising Opportunities:

These screens are best for advertising purposes because they can be positioned anywhere. Because of being effective, they effectively communicate the brand message.

· Extremely Versatile:

There is a possibility of using this screen for almost any kind of event. Choose the best-Led screen for the event by considering the following features:

  • Screen Size
  • Pixel pitch
  • Resolution
  • Power

· Cost-Effective:

No equipment can be as affordable as the Custom built modular Led screen wall is. It can be obtained at a better rental price without doing sacrifice on visual quality.

· Adds Value To The Event:

A mobile Led screen of a Led Screen Hire in London can enhance the overall experience of the guests.

The crystal-clear visuals help in leaving a long-lasting impact on individuals. This turns your event into a memorable one.

The mobile Led screen offers these benefits by being time-efficient and cost-effective. As a result, you don’t have to do anything else to reap these incredible benefits.

Walled Led Screens:

The walled Led screens can’t move. The video wall is made up of smaller Led panels that are linked together to make the larger display.

Except being transportable it offers all benefits like a mobile Led screen. The transportation and installation of the walled Led screen are difficult than the mobile Led screen.

Which One Is Best For The Event?

The simple answer is the time, energy, and money you have to spend on the Led screen. For setup of the mobile Led screen, only one person is required.

Its installation is just a matter of minutes. If you need a Led screen for another event, you don’t need to dismantle Mobile Led.

So, a mobile Led screen is better. But for a more permanent setup walled Led screen would be the answer.

Summing Up!

The use of a Led screen is necessary to enhance the level of an event. But the suitable kind of Led screen depends on your need.

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Ems-Events provides both kinds of Led screens for adding value to the event. Choose the right one and experience the amazing outcome.