A Guide to Understanding the Generation of Solar Energy on Cloudy Days

Solar Panel

As the name suggests, solar energy is generated from the sun. When the sun rays fall on the solar panels, the cells present in those panels absorb the energy.

These cells then start flowing in different directions which creates an electric field and gives rise to the flow of electricity. The generation of solar energy and the storage takes place in the following way:

  • Solar panel absorbs the energy from the sunlight.
  • Converts energy into electricity.
  • Solar energy is then stored in the batteries for future use.
  • You can monitor the energy using monitoring techniques.

However, since the energy system of solar panels requires the source of energy, i.e. the sun, the generation of electricity on cloudy days seems like an impossible task to achieve.

The effect that the cloudy days would have on the generation of electricity would depend on these two factors:

  • The density of the clouds
  • The quality of your solar panels

The clouds don’t make the sky completely black. The light can penetrate through the clouds. Hence, visible light rays, as well as infrared light rays, can be used to produce electricity in this case.

Therefore, on cloudy days, you could still generate electricity with the help of solar panels. In Australia, the use of residential solar panels is not new. However, people are still confused about the working of solar panels, especially on cloudy days.

How do solar panels generate electricity on cloudy days?

Sunrays falling on the panels gives rise to electricity in the form of direct current (DC). To provide electricity to your entire home, this direct current is converted into AC current.

According to research, solar panels provide maximum efficiency on sunny days. Solar PV panels do function on cloudy days but with less efficiency and performance.

Following are the key points that will help you know how the energy is generated and stored on cloudy days:

Similar to the sunburn effect, the rays of the sunlight penetrate through the clouds and provide 80% to 90% efficiency. The 10% drop in energy would not make a huge difference.

However, if you want to make up for it, consider using solar batteries as well as the net metering systems.

They would enable you to be ready for any kind of weather. At night or on cloudy days, they would help you make the best use of the solar energy generated on extremely sunny days.

Solar batteries:

Solar batteries help you to produce electricity without staying dependent on the grid. You could store your solar energy in these solar batteries and make their use when the weather is not appropriate to produce electricity.

They also enable you to produce clean energy which is an eco-friendly option instead of the energy that is produced from non-renewable sources of energy, such as fossil fuels.

Even in the case of the power being down, solar batteries can provide you with stored electricity. A solar battery would help you save more electricity than using just the residential solar panel systems.

This would also depend on the net metering system used. Solar batteries could be expensive to buy, but they would help you reduce your future costs and carbon footprint.

Net metering:

When the solar panels produce excess energy, this energy is transferred to the grid. This energy is then utilised when the solar panels are not working. For example, at night. Below are the advantages of the net metering system:

  • It would help you reduce your electricity bills drastically
  • The expensive battery option could be dropped and this could be used instead.
  • It helps you reduce the carbon footprint and thus save the environment
  • Helps you to reserve the non-renewable resources of energy
  • Encourages people to use renewable energy that as solar energy.

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