A Practical Guide to Help You Pick the Best Glucometer


A Practical Guide to Help You Pick the Best Glucometer

Regular testing of blood glucose levels becomes a non-negotiable task if you have been diagnosed with any type of diabetes.

Daily glucose tracking helps maintain healthy glucose levels by adjusting everyday activities accordingly.

Although there are multiple ways to take blood glucose readings, most people prefer a glucometer because of its ease of use.

People who aren’t required to take daily blood sugar readings are often inclined towards fasting blood sugar tests. It can be done by visiting the nearest healthcare facility, and the results are given quite fast.

You only have to be aware of the normal sugar fasting level so you can decide the most appropriate future course of action after getting the results.

But if you will be measuring blood glucose levels regularly, investing in a glucometer is a better option.

Since the market is filled with endless options, you may get confused about the right product selection. To make things easier, we have listed below some excellent tips to help you get the best glucometer. So let’s quickly learn more about these tips shared below.

Look for a Glucometer with the Highest Accuracy

The blood sugar readings will decide your future insulin dosage and treatment decisions, so you must invest in a glucometer offering the most accurate reading.

Since every glucometer is built using a different technology, the blood glucose readings will fluctuate from one glucometer to another.

Hence, searching for a glucose monitoring device built using the latest technology is advised. You can also ask your doctor for some good recommendations.

Consider the Required Blood Sample Size

Glucometer requiring larger blood samples means the person has to drop a bigger blood sample on the test strip to get accurate readings. It can be troublesome for people with poor blood circulation or other health conditions.

It can also lead to a significant wastage of test strips if you fail to get a big enough blood drop. Hence, we suggest choosing a glucometer that gives accurate readings with even a tiny blood sample size. A blood sample size not exceeding 0.5 microliters will be perfect.

Ease of Use

A complicated glucometer can make regular glucose reading a tedious task. If the glucometer comes with confusing or complex buttons and settings, you can easily get discouraged from using it. The best option is to look for a glucometer that features an ergonomic design and is easy to use.

You can easily find glucometers that are easy to use and yet come with special features like test reminders, hypoglycemia alarms, etc. A glucometer from a reliable and well-established brand can be a safe option to proceed with.

Meter & Display Size

Your glucometer form and design go hand-in-hand with its functionality. You can come across numerous glucose-reading devices with varying shapes and sizes. Try sticking to a glucometer with a large display screen, making it easier to read the numbers.

You can also make a choice, depending on whether you want a compact meter perfect for on-the-go testing or a large-sized one that lets you see the numbers properly. Decide what specifications you want in terms of meter and display size before making any buying decision.

Data Storing Capabilities

Today’s glucometers come in a wide range of options. So whether you prefer a glucometer that just gives accurate reading or want one that also comes with the feature of data storage is what matters.

Since not many people are comfortable with noting down their readings on a dairy, a glucometer with data storage capabilities is preferred.

The glucometer price for such models can be high, but it is worth the investment. You can filter the models with the highest data storage capacities to ensure it can be used for an extended period.

The expensive models are designed to store thousands of readings, while the inexpensive options can only record up to a few hundred readings.

Test Time & Affordability

One of the most essential aspects you must consider while buying a glucometer is its test time and price point. Since you prick your fingertip to collect a blood drop, you cannot sit in the same position for minutes to obtain the result.

You need a device that generates accurate results within seconds, so you can quickly wipe the fingertip with a clean cotton pad and move to other work. You should filter the results by price range if you have a strict budget you cannot exceed.

If you evaluate a glucometer against all the aspects discussed above, you will likely get the best glucometer in the market.

Assessing a device against so many aspects can be time-consuming, but it will be worth it. If you are still confused, ask your healthcare provider to recommend a glucometer he trusts for accurate readings.

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