A step-by-step Guide to Online Keno For Real Money In UAE

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Online casino games like Keno have become popular in Arab countries despite the laws against gambling.

This is because you can play online Keno for real money in UAE from the comfort of your home or office for as little as $1.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ajman have the highest numbers of tourists, and many of these tourists love casino games.

Hence, the best online Keno in UAE is owned by foreign-licensed casinos that allow players from these cities, making it relatively easy to make real money while having fun. 

Steps for Playing the best online Keno in UAE

Having the best Keno games online would start with signing up for an account with a reputable Keno site. Follow these steps to play online Keno for money in UAE.

  1. Check out a list of sites for Keno online casino UAE. Many sites will come up during your search. However, ensure that the ones you would proceed with are licensed and reputable; these details would be available on the site.
  2. Sign up with the best online Keno casino. This chosen casino should adequately suit your needs.
  3. Deposit some money. The minimum amount of deposit you can make depends on the chosen casino. It could be as low as $1 or as high as $20. Ensure that your payment method is untraceable. Cryptocurrency is highly suggested.
  4. Pick a Keno game based on your preferences. Although all Keno games have a similar structure, you should pick the one you are familiar with.
  5. Choose your stakes and numbers. Ensure that you follow the rules specific to the game. Once you are satisfied with your choices, start playing.
  6. Once the game is over, withdraw your winnings.

There are several payment methods available. However, what is essential is anonymity and security. Some reliable banking options are Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, Ethereum, and other e-wallet or cryptocurrency options.

Tips to make anyone win Keno games

At the end of every casino game, players are interested in knowing how much money they have won. While many believe that casino games are a game of luck, you can increase your chances of making money by following these tips;

  • Choose games you are familiar with. Every Keno game can make you money; hence you would increase your chance of winning by playing games with a familiar structure.
  • Play games with low house edges. If your online casino has a house edge feature, you can use it to your advantage. Check out the details in the information section of the casino.
  • Properly manage your bankroll. Place a limit on how much you can lose per session, and once you exceed this limit, quit.
  • Don’t dwell too much on jackpots. Yes, jackpots can fetch you huge sums of money, but they could also cause huge losses.


The best online Keno in UAE offers players the chance to make money with a small initial deposit. Online Keno games are also different from offline/physical ones, as you can make huge sums of money from welcome bonuses alone.

Follow the steps as reviewed above and be on your way to making some money during your stay in the United Arab Emirates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online Keno illegal in the UAE?

Being an Islamic city, UAE prohibits every form of gambling—online and offline. However, you can safely play Keno and other casino games from foreign sites.

Many of these sites are suited to welcome players from Arab countries, and they have measures in place to provide you with secure gaming sessions and safe payment methods.

Can I win real money with Keno online in UAE?

Yes, you can win real money with online Keno casinos. Make sure that you sign up with a reliable Keno online site.

Make a deposit based on the required amount, play your preferred online games, and you can withdraw your earnings with secure payment methods like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, ensure that your identity and location details are well-hidden with a trusted VPN.

Can I play free Keno games online?

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Yes, you can play the best online Keno in UAE for free. This option is primarily for first-time players who want to experience how the game is played or those who are just playing for fun.