6 Aashirvaad Wheat Flour – Best Quality Wheat Atta for the Best Rotis

Aashirvaad Wheat Flour

Aashirvaad Wheat Flour is one of the best quality wheat flour (Atta) brands in India. Wheat flour is made from whole wheat by grinding to make it consumable for human.

They are soft/weak if gluten is low & hard/strong if gluten is high. Normally bread flour is hard with 12 to 14% gluten content. It makes dough elastic toughness to hold the shape after baking. Soft flour with lowest gluten is used to make cake & pastry.

Wheat flour is available in many varieties. In India, different types of wheat flours are available. Some of them are,

  • Wheat flour: It is made from whole grains means a mixture of germ, endosperm and bran.
  • Atta flour: It is made from the mixture of endosperm and bran.
  • Maida flour: This flour is made from endosperm & as it is bleached, it comes in very white colour. That is similar to American bleached flour.
  • Sooji, Rava, or Semolina: This is coarse flour made from endosperm.

There are different brands selling wheat flour in the market, some of them are…

Aashirvaad, FORTUNE, 24 Mantra Organic, Nature Fresh, ORGANIC TATTVA, NATURELAND ORGANICS, Ancient Wisdom, Vedaka, TWO BROTHERS ORGANIC FARMS, Manna etc.

Aashirvaad Wheat Flour (Atta):

Aashirvaad gives you 100% pure wheat flour, no plastic added. They are available in different varieties as per your choice & requirement.

They contain varieties of flours like Jowar & Bajra. Jowar flour is one of the best atta for health. It is rich in iron, calcium, protein, phosphorus, and fibre.

It helps in controlling blood sugar & is good for born also. In case of Aashirvaad, sugar release control aata, it is perfect for diabetic people or non-diabetic people as staple food.

It releases the sugar very slowly in the human body, means it helps to manage sugar level. Another Aashirvaad nature’s super foods gluten free aatta contains ragi flour & gluten free flour.

It is rich in dietary fiber & protein. It is claimed that Aashirvaad aatta is fully safe for consumption. By adding chana aata in regular aata or multigrain flour it boosts nutrition quotient.

Following are some of the best Aashirvaad Wheat Flour (Atta)

Aashirvaad Nature’s Super Foods Gluten Free Flour

Aashirvaad Wheat Flour: Nature’s Super Foods Gluten Free Flour

This is Aashirvaad Nature’s Super Foods Gluten Free Flour Pouch. Main ingredients of this flour are Jowar Flour, Flaked Rice Flour, Starch, Ragi Flour, Dehydrated Potato, Milk Solids, Thickener (INS 415), Psyllium Husk Powder, Emulsifier (INS 471) and Iodised Salt.

It is rich in dietary fibre & is good source of protein. It is gluten free & each super food of this aata offers specific nutritional benefits to the flour.  

Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta

Aashirvaad Wheat Flour: Select Premium Sharbati Atta

This is 5kg pouch of Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta. It is made with 100% MP sharbati wheat. That is harvested in Shihore, Madhya Pradesh.

It is premium quality aata made from Sharbati wheat. It is bigger in size with golden sheen. It makes sweet & soft textured rotis.

This premium quality, wheat flour is made with Aashirvad’s process to lock in nutrition to ensure perfect taste & well nutritious flour. This is a vegetarian product & is made with love in India.

Aashirvaad Superior MP Atta

Aashirvaad Superior MP Atta

This is 5 kg pouch of Aashirvaad superior MP aata.It is made using the 4-step advantage process. It ensures 100% pure and natural whole-wheat atta and retention of its natural dietary fibres and nutrients.

It is sourced directly from the farmers. It ensures that the flour is not tampered thereby maintaining the high quality. The essential nutrition remains locked in this atta which helps in easy digestion and supporting immunity. 

Its revolutionary mechanised packaging ensures that the atta remains untouched by hands, thereby making it safe to use.

The dough made from this flour absorbs more water; it makes rotis soft, fluffy & delicious. This helps to power whole day. This is a vegetarian product & is made with love in India.

Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains

Aashirvaad Wheat Flour: Atta with Multigrain

This is 5 kg pouch of Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains. It is a Vegetarian product & is made with the choicest grains, which provides you and your family wholesome nutrition.

It is a blend of 6-natural grains – wheat, maize, soya, Chana, oats, psyllium husk. This India’s no-1 aata brand is made with love in India with the grains sourced from the fields across the country.

It is high in fibre, which aids in digestion and ensures a healthy gut. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibre that ensure a fit, active and healthy life.

You do not need to compromise in taste as the rotis made from this Atta with Multigrains are smooth, soft and tasty.

Aashirvaad Sugar Release Control Atta

Aashirvaad Wheat Flour: Sugar Release Control Atta

This is 5 kg pouch of pure vegetarian Aashirvaad Sugar Release Control Atta. It is a blend of Whole Wheat and a Natural Grain Mix.

This aata comes with whole wheat, methi, oats, soya, Chana and psyllium husk which provides you and your family with wholesome nutrition.

It is recommended for people with diabetes, as it is a Low GI atta that releases which releases sugar slowly in the body thus helping prevent sugar level spikes.

It is high in protein and fibre, which ensures a fit and active life. The ingredients chosen for this Atta are mixed in precise proportions to ensure that there is no compromise in taste as you continue enjoying tasty rotis. It is made with the choicest of grains. This Atta has been made with Love in India.

Aashirvaad Nature’s Superfoods Multi Millet Mix Super Nutritious Millet Flour

Aashirvaad Wheat Flour: Nature’s Super foods Multi Millet Mix

This is pure vegetarian, 500 grams pouch of Aashirvaad Nature’s Superfoods Multi Millet Mix. It is Super Nutritious Millet Flour.

It is made from Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Quinoa and Navane. With this aata/flour, you can enjoy the goodness of all the important millets in one flour – Aashirvaad Nature’s Superfoods Multi Millet Flour.

This naturally gluten free flour is rich in dietary fibre, it is a good source of protein. It is also a good source of Zinc that aids normal cognitive functions and a source of Magnesium that helps reduce fatigue.

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Only you have to mix it with regular atta or dosa batter to make mouth-watering dishes and get the best of both, nutrition and taste.