Success Story Of Abdul Mujeeb Meera Sahib: Founder And Director Of Global Networks Ltd, International Network For Voice Business

abdul mujeeb meera sahib

Turning a normal life into an extraordinary one. Abdul Mujeeb Meera Sahib grew up chasing and achieving his dreams.

Abdul Mujeeb was a man who was passionately inclined towards technology and desperately wanted to achieve a career in it. His hard work and true dedication and intense desire to achieve his goals made him what he is today.

After pursuing graduation in Economics from Calicut University in 1999, Abdul Mujeeb enrolled at Kerala University for his post graduation.

Academic qualification in economics directed him to achieve a career in economy related fields. Abdul Mujeeb earned a job in Arab National Bank, Riyadh.

Even working amidst cash and countings, his heart strongly wished for building a career in the technological field. Às Paulo Coelho said, When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

The first chance to what Abdul Mujeeb dreamt about came to him from where he was working.

Destiny was giving him an opportunity to try his hands in the field he dreamt about. He was selected to be the part of a group which was incharge of installing advanced technical features to enhance inter-bank and bank to client communication. 

The next phase of his life was something different. Being a person who was ready to face challenges and  take up risks, Abdul Mujeeb  successfully completed several risky rounds to find a space in the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Abdul Mujeeb was posted in the Anti Corruption branch in CBI Headquarters in Delhi. However his passion for technology grew even bigger with time, that he left his job in CBI to chase his dreams which was a milestone in his life.  

Abdul Mujeeb was never ready to give up his dreams. Taking up risk to achieve dreams explains the attitude of Abdul Mujeeb towards life.

Years passed, Abdul Mujeeb Meera Sahib is now a name among the top ranked entrepreneurs who has his companies running in different parts of the world.

Being extremely passionate about building up a technically associated career, he was successful in forming companies including Global VoIP Corporation in Aug 2005 in Ontario, Canada and Global networks Ltd.

As an epitome of hard work and tolerance, Abdul Mujeeb started to conquer his dreams making his companies use the most advanced technological companies in the Telecommunication Sector.

Under the proper guidance and parenting of Abdul Mujeeb, his company still continues the story of success. Global VoIP Corporation was introduced in a time when the telecom charges were at the peak.

The international calling charges were too exorbitant to think of. The introduction of the new technological feature has been conducive in reducing the communication charges substantially.

Currently, Global VoIP is one of the credible organizations providing trustworthy and affordable international calling services. Global Network Ltd, was established in Hong Kong in 2007, to function as the regional operation centre for the parent company. 

Holding his dreams tight, Abdul Mujeeb expanded his business beyond boundaries. Apart from Global VoIP and Global Networks Ltd, Abdul Mujeeb has been part of various other firms.

FM Global Trading FZE established in the UAE in September 2008 is one such firm aimed at providing support equipment, accessories and components for the telecom sector.

The business entity trades telecom equipment, network products, computer accessories, peripherals, telecom servers, telecom software and similar items.

In a short time, FM Global Trading has acquired the name as one of the most prominent organizations in the IT and Telecom sector of the country.

Pine Valley General Trading LLC, set up in Dubai in 2013 has been another business firm under his wings. It is one of the top entities in Dubai, trading on electronic products. 

He is also a partner in Deira Al Shams Supermarket LLC and New Al Shams Supermarket LLC, in Dubai and Watercress Restaurant (P) Ltd located in Kerala, India.

He has unparalleled experience in dealing with individual clients. Striving to meet their needs and delivering committed service, he has played an important role in the exponential growth of the firms.  

Life is all about taking risks. If you never take risks, then you’ll never know what you are capable of.

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The success story of Abdul Mujeeb is truly an inspiration to many who step back from taking risks fearing the consequences. Abdul Mujeeb was ready to take up risk to chase his dreams and now proves that he succeeded in achieving them.