Abhi Acharya, Grammy Award nominee Musician, Composer and Performer

Musician Abhi Acharya

Interview with Abhi Acharya, Grammy Award nominee Musician, Composer and Performer

Abhi Acharya is a multi-faceted musician who has been captivating audiences with their unique sound and style. Abhi has been in the music industry as a performer and composer.

He is also a 2023 Grammy Awards Nominee, as the part album ‘Shuruaat’, under the category ‘Best Global Music Album’.

He is now a music producer with the announcement of the recent album “ Love Her too much” by American pop star Merlin Babaji, under RVS Productions.

As a composer, Abhi has a knack for blending genres and creating memorable melodies that stick with listeners long after the song has ended. His work as a composer involves writing music for films and indie video games.

Abhi has worked as an assistant audio engineer at Berklee, recording hundreds of massive orchestral film and video game scores, and assisting on albums and projects from talented bands and artists.

Abhi has performed as a guitarist and vocalist at the prestigious Berklee Performance Center, Babson India Symposium, American India Foundation, and many other events and stages.

But it’s not just their composition skills that have earned them a dedicated following. As a performer, he brings their music to life on stage with an energy and passion that is infectious.

Whether they’re playing in front of a packed stadium or an intimate club, his dynamic presence and electrifying performances leave audiences begging for more.

Tell us a little about yourself

Abhi Acharya: I am born to wonderful parents in a small but culturally empowered city of Jaipur – the pink city.  I have received education from the best institutions on earth, including Berklee College of Music, Boston and New York University where I have been a dean list student throughout.

During high school I was a topper of Trinity GuildHall Music certification and I did briefly attend International College of Music in Malaysia too.I have had some amazing teachers, mentors and friends while growing up.

How did you get into music, and who were some of your early musical influences?

Abhi Acharya: My parents understood the need of a child’s personality building through skill learning and they pushed me to get into extra curriculum activities including music classes , sports classes and event art classes since young age.

I attended my first music school since I was 3, I started singing/ humming before I could even talk properly. I used to play guitar well since a young age.

I used to play my mom’s favourite TV serials music on my guitar to cheer her up since very young age.I think I never stopped since then.

You’ve been nominated for a Grammy Award – what was your reaction when you found out, and what does this recognition mean to you?

Abhi Acharya: It was completely out of blue. I could never have imagined that this is what destiny was holding, given the fact that this was one of the first albums I was ever part of.

It’s definitely a great kick start to my professional journey which has just begun.

Your music blends traditional Indian music with Western styles – can you talk a bit about the creative process behind that, and what you hope to achieve with this fusion?

Abhi Acharya: I never try to define my music.Every artist has their own personal style. I do too. The style of music which comes out to the world or makes it big, is completely circumstantial. I will continue to create, what my heart leads me to, always.

What do you think sets your music apart from others in your genre, and how do you stay true to your own unique style?

Abhi Acharya: I purely write , create , perform my heart’s voice .Music gives me pure joy. Music has always been more of a way of life expression for me than a profession.

You’ve collaborated with a number of other musicians throughout your career – how do you approach these collaborations, and what have been some of your favorite experiences working with other artists?

Abhi Acharya: Being an artist it’s very important to always listen , discover and get inspired from other artists.

If I like someone I would approach them – simple as that. Sometimes it turns into a collaboration sometimes it doesn’t. There is never any agenda behind. It’s just good to know and appreciate others’ work.

You’re known for your live performances – how do you prepare for a show, and what do you hope audiences take away from your performances?

Abhi Acharya: A lot of practice I would say. Stage performances are really what I aspire to do more. It’s a surreal feeling being up there and playing your heart out.

I just like to put honest efforts and perform from my heart. I feel audience always respond to genuinity and authenticity. That’s what I try to do.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are trying to break into the industry, and what do you think are the most important skills for success in music?

Abhi Acharya: Be patient, keep working hard, always be true to yourself and be open to learn new things. I think for a musician, the most important skill is to learn how to listen very carefully to all kinds of music and absorb as much as you can. Also being nice to everyone around you goes a long way.

If you had to choose one of your own songs that best represents who you are as a musician, which one would it be and why?

Abhi Acharya: I have a track called ‘June’ which is also the month I was born in, and it is also a song that I wrote very quickly because I had a good idea of what I wanted to do in the song.

I think it defines me well that I really like writing music which relates to me and I have great fun writing it. There is another song which I think represents me well, which I will be releasing soon.

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