Abhishek Kaushik, founder of MITRA, a leading D2C FMCG Brand

Abhishek Kaushik

Interview with Abhishek Kaushik, founder of MITRA, a leading D2C FMCG Brand

Abhishek Kaushik is the founder of MITRA, a leading D2C FMCG brand. Abhishek founded MITRA in 2022. He is a successful entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience to his credit.

He has been associated with several prominent firms where he was VP and head of departments. The industry experience Abhishek gained over the years enriched his managerial and business acumen which eventually led to the remarkable success of MITRA as a consumer brand.

Abhishek is a new-age entrepreneur who comprehends and acknowledges the consumer requirements of the modern generation, thereby ensuring that his FMCG enterprise MITRA provides gender-neutral products and services that cater to the dynamic requirements of contemporary customers.

It must be noted that Abhishek is an avid Josh Talks Speaker. As a gifted entrepreneur and talented professional, he possesses niche managerial and strategic skills such as Team Management, Budget Management, Business Channel Expansion, Strategic Planning, Partner Performance Delivery & Evaluation, Regulation and control of the cost of acquisition (COA), Customer Service and Complaint Resolution, Identify and appoint new channel partners in the area of Operation etc.

Before launching MITRA, Abhishek was a founder and director at Hanchens, a transportation, logistics, supply chain and storage company.

He was designated as a Vice President- Sales & Solutions (Emerging markets) at Conneqt Business Solutions Limited from May ‘2017 till Sep ‘2020 where he was responsible for managing Business Development and Solutions Design for CRM & Back Office service offerings across India & APAC Geo.

For the excellence of his services, Abhishek was honoured with the ‘Sales leader of the year’ award consecutively in FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19.

He rendered his services as a Senior Manager (APAC)-Sales & Solutions at Concentrix from September ‘2014 till May ‘2017.

At Concentrix, he was responsible for managing Client Relations, Business Development and Solutions Design across India & APAC Geo, Business Development & Solutions, and Due Diligence & Business Modeling of CRM (Customer relationship management).

Abhishek Kaushik is a visionary who anticipates expanding his FMCG venture, MITRA across the international markets of Nepal, Bhutan etc.

Can you tell us more about Mitra’s inspiration behind creating products that cater to daily needs and modern lifestyles?

Abhishek Kaushik: Mitra is driven by the inherent intersection between daily usage and modern lifestyle-nutrition products.

Our aim is to reintroduce the long-lost ingredients into the food chain, drawing from the culinary expertise of previous generations.

We incorporate multigrain flours and less-utilized nutrients such as Bajra and Sattu, which were extensively employed in our grandparents’ era, to align with contemporary lifestyles.

By passionately serving consumers with healthy, pure products rich in nutrients, Mitra strives to deliver quality offerings at competitive prices.

Our objective is to dispel the notion that healthier products are exclusive or expensive, and instead, provide good quality at an affordable price for all.

How does Mitra ensure the quality and freshness of its products, particularly when it comes to sourcing grains, spices, and other ingredients?

Abhishek Kaushik: Mitra follows a meticulous farm-to-fork approach, engaging straight with farmers who cultivate the crops and operate the manufacturing facilities.

By removing intermediaries, we guarantee the absence of adulteration and maintain uncompromising quality standards.

This approach allows us to secure better commercial deals without compromising on quality, while also offering farmers with higher returns.

Furthermore, Mitra cartels tradition with technology, employing stone-grinding methodology (Chakki-fresh) to preserve nutrients and maintain purity.

Our packaging process is fully automated, ensuring that our products are untouched by human hands. These measures ensure that consumers receive nothing less than the best in terms of quality.

What sets Mitra apart from other D2C brands in the market that offer similar products?

Abhishek Kaushik: Mitra stands out among D2C brands by ardently following its mission of making high-quality and pure products available to the masses.

Our commitment to the “massy more classy” approach ensures that everyone has the right to health, with our products catering to all segments of customers.

As a customer-centric brand, we prioritize delivering an exceptional experience. Our single-breed isolation technology and superior no-human-touch packaging distinguish us in the FMCG’s D2C segment as it retains 11% moisture and enhances shelf life.

Are there any new product categories or expansions that Mitra plans to explore in the future to further meet the demands of its customers?

Abhishek Kaushik: Positioned as a promising venture, MITRA has garnered support from prominent investors like Bestvantage, Soonicorn, and ah! Ventures.

In our pursuit of raising $2 million, we have already captured the attention and interest of micro VC’s and family offices. In addition, we are actively expanding into new product categories, with exciting launches in the pipeline.

Introducing “Groccers,” our latest lifestyle nutrition brand, designed to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences.

This brand offers an array of gluten-free flour, spreads, sauces, organic oats, and keto-friendly food options.

We are strategically planning the introduction of “MITRA beverages” to capitalize on the thriving healthy beverage market.

We are also expanding our offerings to include MITRA oil, Soya oil, oats, spreads, sauces, pulses, rice, and spices, diversifying our range and meeting the needs of our discerning customers.

What are Mitra’s long-term goals and vision for growth in the industry?

Abhishek Kaushik: Mitra’s long-term goals include creating a pan-India presence as a leader in the FMCG industry within the next five years.

We also aspire to expand our reach across Asia and explore opportunities in select European countries. Additionally, we plan to pursue B2B channels such as hotel chains, OYO kitchens, and collaborations with renowned brands like Haldirams.

Our upcoming product profiles will tactically cater to the entire spectrum of customers, with a specific focus on capturing the attention of Generation Z through innovative packaging.

Can you share any specific initiatives or partnerships that Mitra has undertaken to support local farmers or communities?

Abhishek Kaushik: Mitra has joined forces with FarmArt, an organization devoted to the complete upliftment of the agricultural community, to support and empower local farmers.

Additionally, we are aggressively exploring partnerships with NGOs that work closely with farmers, further signifying our commitment to fostering sustainable agriculture and promoting the welfare of farming communities.

Finally, how does Mitra measure its success in terms of customer satisfaction and market impact?

Abhishek Kaushik: Mitra has experienced remarkable success in the market, demonstrating an exceptional growth rate of 3200%.

This outstanding growth serves as a testament to our ability to penetrate the market effectively and seize significant opportunities.

Another key indicator of our success is the high repeat ratio we have achieved, ranging from 74% to 78%.

This remarkable level of customer loyalty showcases the satisfaction and trust that our customers have in our products.

These impressive figures also position us as the second-largest player in our specific operating market, solidifying our presence and influence within the industry.

Our success lies in our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and making a substantial mark in the industry.

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