Mr. Abhishek Vyas, Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of My Haul Store

Abhishek vyas

Mr. Abhishek vyas, Founder & CEO of My Haul Store

Mr. Abhishek vyas is the founder & CEO of My Haul Store. He is serial entrepreneur, founder & CEO of 3 different businesses including My Haul Store.

He has completed his B. Tech along with MBA. He is having 11 years of experience in sales & marketing.

His father was in private sector & his mother was a teacher. He belongs to a well-educated & well-mannered middle class family. He is blessed with a baby girl.

He started his entrepreneur journey 3-years back. After quitting his six figure job, Abhishek stepped into the world of influencer.

He started marketing as an entrepreneur. He used to work with influencers in his previous company that gave him the strength to start his own company from scratch.

Early he tried out many businesses & now he is a successful serial entrepreneur. He is the founder & CEO of 3 different businesses.

His company MyHaulStore is an Influencer marketing company. The company is working with 20000+ employees. His company influences across the India & has created success stories for more than 100. He brands across categories & counting.

His company help brands to drive better leads and visibility with the help of influencers. They bridge the gap between influencers and brands/ marketers. Helping brands to elevate their potential in any aspect of marketing is his biggest USP.

At the time of Covid-19 pandemic, marketing became more digital. When was the last time you went to a shop seeing their billboard? That was his the idea of influencer marketing hit.

To empowering women he offered a pay sitting at their home loving what they are good at. Hence it came the name My Haul Store.

‘If you want it, you work for it’ is his leadership Mantra. The company goal is to be a full-fledged 360 degree marketing platform that provided true value to its connections, clients & customers.
His inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur was to break the barrier of a 9 to 5 job & to seek financial freedom as well as the idea of giving back to society.

For Abhishek failure is something he cherish on a daily basis where he failed 9 times just to unlock the success on the 10th time key things to consider before starting a Business.

As of Abhishek, tapping into the wrong market at the wrong time was his biggest mistake. An idea does not matter, what matters most id how well you execute your idea.

As of Vyas he had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be like Idea doesn’t matter, what matters most is how well you execute the idea. Your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. You can built a team which you can actually rely.

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