Accessories That Protect Endangered Wild Animals in Style!

Mixmitti by Shivangi Bajpai

Mumbai, Feb.2021: Lions, Tigers, Rhinoceros, Pandas, Gorillas, Pumas and of course majestic Elephants are a sight to behold.

However, these gem wild animals are today endangered and there is an urgent need to canvass for the cause of their protection amongst the global community at large. A novel way is to sport fashion accessory products that symbolize a particular wild animal.

Many accessory brands have taken this approach, but few have actually contributed to the cause of protection of these lovely animals.

The need of the hour is to support sustainable accessory businesses with an ethical conscience and more importantly which benefits the endangered wild animals.

One Indian based accessory brand that walks the talk of protection and conservation is Shivani Bajpai’s Mixmitti. Shivangi, brand owner and promoter voices “Having grown up in the pride lands, I have seen these lovely wild animals up close and it is unfortunate that there are still poachers, and game hunting is prevalent.

At Mixmitti, our utility accessories are completely vegan, clicked and crafted by a team of artisans who believe in our mission of protection and conservation of these lovely animals.

Our products are symbolist and in a way to endorse your support for a particular wild animal or animals and an important part of our mission is to contribute to the cause that benefits the same.”        

The best part of brands like Mixmitti is that every time a customer purchases a product a small token is contributed on his/her behalf towards a wild life conservation fund.

So, if you love Wild animals and are looking out for accessories that symbolize in action the same, this is one Indian brand that must consider.

So next time you intend to purchase laptop sleeves, hand bags, travel bags, backpacks, laptop bags, notebooks, postcards or any gift items, do browse through their catalog and make a difference in the wild. Price: Available on request.


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