Ace media entrepreneur and PR expert Asli Daud of Asli Media Group talks about the Importance of Digital PR

Asli Daud-PR expert-Asli Media Group

The young entrepreneurial talent can’t underline enough how Digital PR has taken over various industries as a phenomenal marketing strategy.

The key to the success of any business or brand today cannot be credited to only a few factors. Since the digital wave has made available many tools to people and businesses all around the world, many business tactics and strategies have helped them to pave their own path to success.

Initially, Public Relations (PR) was restricted to only managing communications between the audience and the organizations, but today things have changed for the better and how.

These positive changes have brought along various incredible opportunities for businesses to flourish by leveraging the true power of Digital PR, says an expert in the field and a self-made passionate media entrepreneur and PR expert, Asli Daud.

He says that today PR has become one of the most dynamic tactics in the world of marketing, branding, and advertising and has emerged as a trustworthy and reliable tool for building and promoting brands, people and businesses.

With the onset of the digital wave, people are now increasingly choosing Digital PR and combining that with excellent content creation, SEO, emails, and social media marketing for brand promotions.

Asli Daud, the Founder, and CEO of Asli Media Group, further explains that Digital PR is all about leveraging online content to gain massive presence, reach, exposure and visibility.

Speaking about the importance of Digital PR, he lays out the below points:

  • Helps in business reputation: A great Digital PR business model and strategies can go ahead in helping brands, and businesses gain excellent brand reputation, making Digital PR an important ingredient in a brand’s success recipe. Digital PR helps in reputation management and positively changes a brand’s image in its respective industry. It helps in creating positive opinions, ultimately leaving an impressive impression on the target demographic.
  • Enhances a brand’s reach: A great SEO strategy under Digital PR is critical in increasing the buzz of brands and businesses among people. SEO strategies give much balance to a great Digital PR campaign, and its performance depends on the versatile backlink profile, which helps build a solid online profile. Posting valuable content on high authority websites with the right set of keywords boosts SEO, improving ranks on Google and enhancing their reach worldwide.
  • Leveraging the reach of influencers: For a brand or person to reach the untapped markets of the world, they need to look out for influencers and content creators that could help them reach their target demographic. High-performing content creators have massive fans and followers spread worldwide, and when people associate with them, their brands attract the attention of their audience, in turn gaining massive recognition and exposure. This is one of the most go-to Digital PR techniques that have proved to have given maximum results.
  • Improves lead generation: Digital PR is important for any brand/business because it helps people in improving lead generation by distributing unique online content in the right places at the right time. This creates great brand awareness, resulting in quality lead generation.

Asli Daud of Asli Media Group, who under his empire successfully runs Asli Media Partners, BollyDad, and Asli Digital Media, highlights how essential it is to understand the importance of Digital PR today, which as a top marketing tool is evolving and becoming more and more effective and efficient each passing day.

A well thought out Digital PR strategy or tactic can prove to be a game changer for many out there, he asserts.

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