ActivTrak Introduces Integration with Salesforce and New Features for Admins and Executives


ActivTrak announce its latest release including Salesforce integration, redesigned Executive Summary dashboard and Configurable Role Access for admins.

ActivTrak for Salesforce enables users to combine productivity data from ActivTrak with sales rep activity data from Salesforce to identify and understand the activities and behaviors that contribute to new deal creation and task completion.

Combined sales activity data from ActivTrak and Salesforce is visualized via pre-built Microsoft Power BI dashboards, including:

* Side-by-side productivity metrics.
* Time spent in collaboration and sales tools.
* Number of leads qualified, opportunities created, and tasks completed.

To access ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce, the following requirements must be met:

* Have an ActivTrak Advanced or Premium license and the ActivTrak ActivConnect add-on (or trial).
* A configured Salesforce Integration through ActivTrak Integrate.
* An activated Microsoft Power BI Pro license for content publishers and viewers or the report is contained in a Power BI Premium Capacity (EM or P SKU) with a Power BI license.

Based on customer feedback, we have redesigned our Executive Summary Dashboard, available in ActivTrak Premium.

This updated design provides Executives with a 30,000-foot view of productivity and utilization trends across their organization, helping them identify teams that are doing well and where support is needed.

At-a-glance insights into team health and performance enable data-informed decisions on resources, prevent costly burnout, and help teams adopt sustainable work habits. To access this dashboard, from the left-hand menu in-app, navigate to Insights Executive Summary.

Configurable Role Access enables admins to streamline and customize their ActivTrak experience by hiding features, dashboards, and reports they don’t use.

This removes clutter from the app navigation and makes it easier for Admins to focus on the data that is most important to them and most relevant to their organization’s specific use cases and goals.

To access this feature, navigate to Settings Access Role Access. From this page, Admins can check the pages they wish to hide.

NOTE: Only Admins can access the Role Access page and alter user permissions. Any Role Access configuration changes made to the ‘Admin’ role will apply to all Admins on an account, and changes made via Role Access won’t be reflected until each Admin logs out and back in.

About ActivTrak

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