Actors Sayani Gupta & Amol Parashar Partners with Dating App Meet7 as the Face for #NoCompromise Campaign

~Discover a New Level of Confidence in Your Journey to find love with Meet7~

Meet7, a new age dating app has on-boarded the popular OTT series 4 More Shots Please! Actress Sayani Gupta & Amol Parashar from the well-known movie Sardar Udham amplify the core message of their ‘No Compromise’ campaign.

Recognizing that compromising in dating is no longer acceptable to today’s youth, Meet7 provides a slew of excellent features designed to avoid compromises and provide users with an uncomplicated and pleasant dating journey.

Unlike other apps, Meet7 with the vision of ‘meeting people not profiles’ offers the CompQ feature that assesses personality traits and provides accurate matches.

The app carefully selects matches catered to individual interests and expectations using in-app behavior analysis

Meet7  leverages AI technology, and intelligently matches users based on their interactions and personality traits. 

Offensive conduct on dating apps poses a significant safety and well-being risk, the app quickly eliminates those who do not adhere to their authenticity requirements. 

Meet7 game changer is their “Invite Only” feature. Men can join the app only through a referral from the women on the app.

This ensures authenticity and gender balance, and an extremely high-quality community on the app. With a focus on quality conversations, it eliminates the endless swipe culture.

Instead, this platform presents users with seven matches at once. By emphasizing compatibility based on shared interests and values, Meet7 empowers users to engage in substantial interactions and choose their preferred match.

“I’m all for love, romance, dating, and relationships, and internet dating unquestionably makes it easier for people to find their ideal partners and start relationships.

I believe that Meet7 has developed the ‘No Compromise’ strategy with a 100% dedication and a revised approach to security, privacy, the experience of female users, the quality of matches, and other factors.” Sayani Gupta says

Amol Parashar also commented “I am thrilled to be part of this ‘No Compromise’ campaign from Meet7 – India’s only No-Swipe Dating App. I think the Online dating space is currently broken at many levels – especially when it comes to Women’s experience.

Encountering fake profiles, creepy and harassing behavior from men (many a time), irrelevant matches, wrong expectations, and others make it an overall compromising experience.

Meet7 comes with a refreshing approach with an extraordinary commitment to the philosophy of ‘No Compromise’. Meet7 is a good amalgamation of technology, innovation, and processes.”

Saurabh Awasthi, the Co-founder, of Meet7, said “On Meet7, the focus is on you and your interaction. The app makes sure you do not waste your time on someone who doesn’t match your vibe.

The collaboration with Bollywood actress Sayani Gupta and Amol Parashar, known for her strong personality and influential online presence, perfectly embodies the message of confidence and self-worth that Meet7 upholds.” 

Meet7 takes a strong stance against inappropriate behavior by implementing a behavior scoring system. 

User profiles display a visible score, and deductions occur when reports are made. Upon reaching a certain threshold, offenders are permanently banned, ensuring a secure and respectful environment for all users.  

Meet7  allows users to customize seven questions through its unique ‘KnowQ’ feature that allows users to gather crucial information about potential matches before initiating conversations.

These questions help users prioritize what matters to them and make informed choices. This empowers users to know their match beforehand and make choices that align with their preferences, reducing the need for compromise later on. 


Meet 7 is a revolutionary dating app that has taken the dating world by storm. The app uses a unique algorithm to generate more meaningful matches.

The app offers a range of features that help users break the ice and connect with each other on a deeper level.

With a range of innovative features and high security, Meet7 is poised to become the go-to platform for singles looking to connect with like-minded individuals. 

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