Adani Total Gas Reduces CNG & PNG prices After India Revises Pricing Formula

Adani Group

Adani Total Gas Cuts CNG, PNG Prices after Centre revises pricing guidelines

April 10, 2023: CNG-PNG price can be purchased through Adani Gas, new police effective from today
Adani Total Gas cuts CNG-PNG prices.This new date is effective from April 8.

The company welcomes the historic decision of the Government of India to base the price of CNG and PNG gas on the basis of 10 percent of the average price of imported crude oil.

The price of CNG and PNG gas by Adani Total Gas is 10 percent of the average cost of imported produced oil (crude oil) and depends on it. Ltd) i.e.

ATGL has CNG price (CNG price) ranging from Rs 8.13 per kg and PNG price (PNG price) to Rs 5.06 per cubic centimeter. The company said in a statement.

In line with our policy of giving priority to all consumers, Gautam Adani led Adani Total Gas has decided to extend the benefits of the new public gas pricing directives by the Government of India to temporary PNG and CNG customers, the company said in a statement.

An ATGL statement said, “The NEA Gas Directons has resulted in a reduction in CNG and PNG prices and also a solid Rs 3.0 per meter reduction in PNG prices for industrial and industrial customers.

ATGL believes that this historic decision by the Government of India to improve gas prices is a temporary PNG and a growth catalyst to increase the footprint of fast vehicles.

You can be sure that the share of natural gas will increase from 6.5 percent to 15 percent based on the expression of the Government of India.

Let you know that the Union Cabinet has accepted the base of $4 per mmbtu for Friday gas and has sealed the maximum price at $6.5 per mmbtu.

After that the price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Nav Natural Gas (PNG) is reduced by Adani Total Gas and Mahanagariya Gas Limited. Mahanagara Gas Limit has set CNG price at Rs 8 per kg and PNG price at Rs 5 per cubic meter.

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