AddressHealth Story – Bengaluru-based Primary healthcare network for children

Bengaluru-based Pediatric healthcare chain

Bengaluru-based AddressHealth is the first one-stop-shop paediatric primary healthcare service provider in India. The Pediatric healthcare chain was founded in Bengaluru by doctor entrepreneurs Anand Lakshman & Anoop Radhakrishnan in March 2010 with a vision to ensure that every child attains a state of positive health. AddressHealth Solutions serves children’s in India.

A small team of doctor entrepreneurs came together and dreamt of changing the way child healthcare is practiced.

The Pediatric healthcare chain offers pediatric consultation, filling, pulp capping, health education, scaling, crowns, psychological counseling, childhood eye problems treatment, personal and behavior therapy, and general medicine services.

Anand Lakshman completed his post-graduation in Public Health and Management from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and he spent nearly a decade on public health programmes, which was launched in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar in 2010 under the aegis of the Government of India. The public health programmes have benefited over 114 million children.

AddressHealth began operations in March 2010. The Pediatric healthcare chain partnered with schools and understanding that while health education and infirmaries on campuses, the state governments, and various educational boards mandate certain healthcare facilities like school health checks, the lack of organized services makes it difficult for schools to meaningfully implement these.

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The School Health Service of the company is rapidly turning this idea real, from one campus to the other, one child to the next, and one city to another city. The company has been revolutionizing this space through innovative ways of reaching into schools. The company continues to bring high-quality primary child healthcare.