Interview: Aditi Mittal, Group Head – HR for SAVE Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Aditi Mittal-Group HR Head-SAVE Solutions

Interview with Ms. Aditi Mittal, Group Head – HR for SAVE Solutions Pvt. Ltd

In the realm of human resources, there are few individuals as adept and accomplished as Ms. Aditi Mittal, the Group Head of HR for SAVE Solutions Pvt. Ltd. With a career spanning over several years, Ms. Mittal’s journey at SAVE Solutions began in September 2020, marking the onset of a transformative era for the organization.

Her tenure has been characterized by unprecedented growth and expansion, with her instrumental role in scaling the workforce from 438 employees to an impressive 2075. Notably, her strategic acumen was put to the test when SAVE Solutions ventured into acquisitions, successfully integrating two new companies into its fold under her leadership.

This feat involved orchestrating the seamless onboarding of 1600 employees, a testament to Ms. Mittal’s prowess in navigating complex organizational transitions. Presently, she presides over the management of 3600+ employees spread across 13 states of India, a responsibility she executes with finesse while prioritizing employee welfare and organizational culture.

As we delve deeper into her insights and experiences, it becomes evident that Ms. Aditi Mittal stands as a beacon of excellence in the HR domain, embodying the ethos of growth, compassion, and innovation.

What specific initiatives or programs has SAVE implemented to attract, retain, and develop female talent in the workforce?

Aditi Mittal: In the pursuit of attracting, retaining, and nurturing female talent at SAVE, we prioritize the recognition and advancement of our accomplished women employees. A notable facet of our organizational ethos is ensuring that high-performing women are duly acknowledged and promoted in line with their contributions.

Within our workplace, mothers’ benefit from a flexible working arrangement, including the option to work from home. This flexibility is supported by a foundation of trust established with our colleagues, reflecting our confidence in their ability to excel in their roles and manage responsibilities adeptly. Building and maintaining this trust is a crucial element contributing to the enduring presence of women in our workforce.

At SAVE, we strive to cultivate an inclusive and empowering environment with policies that support our women employees such as menstrual leaves and maternity leaves. Ensuring that female talent not only flourishes but is actively supported and valued is key to our organization’s growth.

We actively support women seeking to re-enter the workforce after marriage or having children, recognizing and addressing the unique challenges they may encounter. Additionally, our commitment extends to offering internships for female freshers, providing them with a platform for career initiation, coupled with exposure and mentorship to equip them for professional competition.

A testament to our dedication is the remarkable presence of over 1600+ women Customer Service Operators in PAN India, who have been integral members of our organization for an extended period. Their unwavering commitment to preserving their individuality is a perpetual source of inspiration for our organization. Demonstrating their significance to us remains a central driver for their sustained retention.

Can you share details about mentorship or leadership development programs tailored to support the career growth of women within the organization?

Aditi Mittal: In my role as the Group HR Leader, I have enrolled in a Leadership Program sponsored by SAVE, which helps me refine my strategies for influencing and providing constructive feedback to inspire not only women but our entire workforce.

The program emphasized enhancing soft skills such as active listening, maintaining an open mind, and navigating challenges with efficient negotiation techniques. Our managerial and executive-level women regularly engage with their respective HODs to address upskilling needs, participating in workshops and training programs conducted periodically to ensure continuous professional development.

Additionally, at SAVE, we’ve crafted benefit policies to further support our workforce. We offer sponsored education for employees’ children and personal/home loans at subsidized rates to alleviate financial stress.

To motivate and retain our women employees, we have tenure awards recognizing their dedication at 3, 5, and 7 years with us. These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to employee well-being and talent retention, ensuring a supportive and rewarding environment for all.

How does SAVE handle and prevent gender-based discrimination or harassment in the workplace, and what mechanisms are in place for reporting such incidents specially for the women of SAVE Pan India?

Aditi Mittal: Fortunately, our workplace has not witnessed any incidents of discrimination or harassment, thanks to a comprehensive ecosystem designed to prevent and address such issues from the start. Regular webinars provide our workforce with thorough training on ethical work practices, fostering a culture of awareness and accountability.

Additionally, all employees undergo rigorous background verification, enabling us to identify individuals with a criminal history and pre-emptively filter out any potential fraudulent cases. This proactive approach ensures a secure and respectful environment at all times.

We provide POSH training to all employees to prevent and address instances of sexual harassment in the workplace, actively encouraging women to report any concerns they may encounter.

What are the steps taken to promote gender diversity within the organization, especially with a focus on increasing the representation of women in various roles?

Aditi Mittal: We prioritize women in leadership roles through internal promotions, recognizing the value of varied perspectives for strategic growth. Hiring women for various positions in corporate and regional offices is our primary focus. Emphasizing career advancement within the organization highlights our commitment to gender equality.

Diverse teams lead to more innovative strategies and solutions. Our strategy aims to empower women and drive organizational success. Having people from a diverse background across India including differently-abled women employees gives us a chance to understand different sections of the group in a more strategic and lucrative manner.

Our emphasis on career growth from within is evident in the long-term commitment of women who have been part of our organization for over a decade, highlighting their trust in us and motivating our continued commitment to this path.

Does Save Solutions foster a culture that encourages women to voice their opinions and contribute to decision-making processes within the organization? Please share some instances 

Aditi Mittal: At SAVE, we foster an open culture where women employees can freely voice concerns, share ideas, and shape our work environment and policies. As part of this commitment, I’ve led the restructuring of our HR system, implementing progressive policies like menstrual leaves, extended maternity leave, salary advances, and remote work options to support women managing both Personal and Professional responsibilities.

These initiatives reflect our dedication to enhancing workplace practices and accommodating the diverse needs of our team.

In the annals of SAVE Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s history, the tenure of Ms. Aditi Mittal as the Group Head of HR will be remembered as a period of unparalleled growth, innovation, and employee-centricity. From her remarkable ability to navigate organizational transitions with grace to her unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, Ms. Mittal has left an indelible mark on the company’s trajectory.

As she continues to steer SAVE Solutions towards greater heights, her legacy serves as an inspiration for HR professionals and leaders alike, reminding us of the transformative power of visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to the well-being of employees.

In the dynamic landscape of human resources, Ms. Aditi Mittal stands as a paragon of excellence, shaping not just the destiny of organizations but also the lives of those she serves with diligence and compassion.

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