Aditi Motla and Aashna Sangani Parikh, Founders of Tipsyfly, a well-known Fashion Jewellery label

Aditi Motla-Aashna Sangani Parikh

Interview with Aditi Motla and Aashna Sangani Parikh, Founders of Tipsyfly, a well-known Fashion Jewellery label

In the dynamic world of fashion, success stories often emerge from individuals who possess a unique blend of creativity, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Aditi Motla and Aashna Sangani Parikh, the founders of Tipsyfly, have proven themselves to be such trailblazers.

Their well-known fashion jewellery label has made a significant impact on the industry, captivating fashion enthusiasts with their exquisite designs and impeccable craftsmanship.

The journey of Aditi and Aashna is an inspiring tale of determination, vision, and the power of following one’s dreams.

Let’s delve into the success story of these talented entrepreneurs and explore how Tipsyfly has carved its niche in the world of fashion.

About Aditi Motla

Aditi has a background in jewellery manufacturing and designing, equipped with a degree from gemmology school, she came back to India, to assist her father in the diamond and gold jewellery business.

She ran the product development department travelled across the globe to gain inspiration not only about design but different manufacturing techniques as well.

After about 5 years of working in this space, she wanted to try and create products that could speak more to her generation, designs that could be worn more frequently, changed more frequently, affordable designs that one could aspire to buy without burning a hole in your pocket. Aditi handles the merchandising and product development at Tipsyfly.

About Aashna Sangani Parikh

Aashna, sister of aditi, similarly comes from a family business background, where discussing business ideas, marketing strategies and design concepts was common talk on the dinner table.

Unlike Aditi she took a more zig zag route to entrepreneurship. Having graduated with a Bachelors in Arts and a law degree, she started to assist the family businesses.

Once she had one foot in the door, she realized how exciting the world of entrepreneurship could be and never turned back.

It is important to be connected with your customer, pre and post transaction and Aashna has her finger on the pulse. She handles the marketing, content creation & customer service at Tipsyfly.

Can you share the story behind the founding of Tipsyfly and what inspired you to start a fashion jewelry label specifically?

Aashna and I come from a family background of fine jewellery and we were tired of the design limitations in precious jewellery, we wanted to create a brand that allowed us to change up our accessory style and explore our creativity.

With Tipsyfly we can offer women the luxury of style choices without the financial woes that traditionally come with accessory shopping.

What sets Tipsyfly apart from other fashion jewelry brands in the market, and what unique value do you believe you bring to your customers?

Tipsyfly recognizes that a love for accessories, be it an oversized cuff, an elegant necklace or a chunky ring, is a universal one for women.

Whether you’re a college going student who prefers tie ‘n’ dye to cotton candy pink or a professional who has a penchant for chandelier earrings, we want to give each of you just what you need to be undeniably stylish.  

You will find our commitment to individuality and style reflected in each Tipsyfly piece. Today we can proudly say Tipsyfly is a brand that is almost completely Made in India.

We have developed relationships with karigars and manufacturers throughout the country to bring our designs to life. 

How do you approach the design process for your jewelry pieces? Can you talk about the creative vision and inspiration that drives your collections?

Trends tend to be cyclical and we’re mindful of that when we’re creating new collections. We want to ensure the Tipsyfly customer has access to all the latest styles but also to ensure that she gains long term value from her accessories.

Our Design process goes through various steps of design forecasting, research, sketching, sampling etc.

Our final and most important step is customer feedback, each of our collections is launched as a limited drop and restocked based on customer responses. This not only helps avoid wastage it also helps us with future collections. 

Kindly brief us about Tipsyfly, its specialization, and the products that it offers

Tipsyfly offer fun fashion jewellery, with new collections launched every month. One of our signatures is our large offering of personalised jewellery which are perfect for gifting! 

Tipsyfly’s aim is to ensure style and comfort for our customer, we’re well known for our lightweight chandelier earrings and statement styles that you can wear painlessly all night. 

As women founders, have you faced any unique challenges in the industry, and how have you overcome them?

As women in business we are always underestimated. In the early days anytime we approached a vendor or manufacturer we were almost always brushed aside or ignored.

However with consistency and persistence we were able to change the minds of even our most stubborn vendors. Where today we share a symbiotic relationship with most of them, steadily growing together. 

Tipsyfly has gained a significant following and customer base. What strategies or tactics have you employed to build brand awareness and grow your business?

We have been blessed that the quality of our products and customer first approach has meant a large and loyal Tipsyfly customer base.

Tipsyfly’s content has always been an extension of our personalities, she’s a little bit funny, a little bit casual and always stylish! As we grow we’ve also added in bits of our customers personality, they help dictate the direction of our content strategy.

User generated content has become a cornerstone of our strategy, when we created and launched our Scintilla collection we styled it as a contemporary western wear collection, however our incredible customers paired it with saris and lehengas too and opened our eyes to the versatility of the pieces.

What role does social media and digital marketing play in your overall business strategy? How do you leverage these platforms to connect with your target audience?

As a digital first brand we rely heavily on Social media and digital marketing. With social media we have tried to create an organic community that engagee with our content on a regular basis.

Digital marketing naturally has it highs and lows but by partnering with the right experts and playing of our organic community we have been able to find success here. 

What future goals or expansion plans do you have for Tipsyfly? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?

We believe we can grow our D2C website to even greater heights. Tipsyfly is looking to expand to more categories, we successfully launched our Apple watch straps early this year and are looking to launch a 925 Sterling Silver category by the end of 2023.

We had naturally put our retail plans on hold during the course of the pandemic but we are hopeful to kickstart these plans in 2024. 

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur

Both our parents are entrepreneurs and I think it was inevitable that we would go down a similar path. They are our biggest role models and seeing them successfully juggle raising us with growing their business was all the inspiration we needed to take the plunge into this crazy journey. 

What advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs looking to start their own fashion or jewelry brand?

Start! So often we allow our fears and insecurities take over and reject ideas before they’ve even had a chance. If we listened to all the naysayers, both external and in our heads, we would never have gathered the courage to start.

Tipsyfly started with nothing more than an Instagram page, a small bath of products and our time! So our advice is simply ‘START!’ what’s the worst that could happen? 

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