Interview: Advita Bihani, Co-Founder of Indulge Global

Advita Bihani

An interview with Advita Bihani, Co-Founder of Indulge Global, India’s foremost lifestyle concierge service

In an exclusive interview with Advita Bihani, Co-Founder of Indulge Global, India’s foremost lifestyle concierge service, insights into their rapid growth and innovative offerings were revealed. 

Indulge Global has garnered acclaim for its dedication to delivering unparalleled luxury experiences at a moment’s notice tailored to their customers’ needs.

Can you share with us your journey and how you decided to join Indulge Global?

Advita Bihani: I was always drawn to niche markets. Me and Karan bumped into each other on LinkedIn where he conveyed his vision on Indulge. I did not know much but was optimistic on the idea. It seemed funny to people back then with questions like – why would someone buy something worth 20-30L over the phone?

People want to touch the products , etc and a lot more. I think it took people a while to understand that convenience was the product.

What inspired you to join the brand, particularly focusing on travel?

Advita Bihani: The world has come closer thanks to the internet but the world also feels cluttered and distorted thanks to the internet. UHNIs are more keen on experiences than ever. Being part of Indulge meant being the lens via which these patrons would see the world.

It came with the sweet responsibility of looking beyond what SEO promised is best in town. It meant understanding cultures and taking patrons to the most authentic parts of the world.

Travel is an education in itself. These imprints shape our personalities. I loved the idea of helping these patrons see everything from Michelin star restaurants to the home cooked food of the locals who the internet has not touched yet.

We have arranged some mad things for patrons from sporting events to special access at concerts, got a few public attractions opened up after hours so patrons can have a good time and a lot more.

Could you describe Indulge’s unique selling proposition (USP) within your industry?

Advita Bihani: I think we have found the secret sauce of scaling without losing personalisation. Indulge is a legacy product. It’s built on the idea that you will use it for decades to come and pass it on to the next generation.

The confidentiality, the access of the team, the 24/7 availability and the tech that ensures we take client preference in account for EVERY request is what sets us apart. We have grown majorly through references and word of mouth. That should tell you something 🙂

In what ways do you stay updated with the latest trends and developments in your industry to ensure the brand remains competitive?

Advita Bihani: Network begets network. We are rather deep in this ecosystem. What that translates to is that when a trend is to brew- we are one of the first to know. Second is that technology is our best friend. With the advent of artificial intelligence, social media hearing tools etc- we keep ourselves up to date.

And finally, the quality service is the best competitive advantage. We rigorously work to refine our operations and give the best time to our patrons.

Can you discuss any challenges you’ve faced in marketing and how you’ve overcome them?

Advita Bihani: The domain is such that the strongest marketing tool is word of mouth. We are talking about the 0.1% of the population. Taking the route of word of mouth is time consuming for sure but the retention that comes with it is phenomenal.

How do Indulge Global implement ethical practices?

Advita Bihani: Indulge follows the trickle down effect and creates a holistic culture with all its clients and employees .. leading to its default attitude around transparency and authenticity.

Future vision and expansion plans of the brand?

Advita Bihani: There is no expansion plan per say. We are clear that we just want to manage the 10,000 top families globally by the end of 2025 and focus inward to have a service of unimaginable finesse.

What are your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Advita Bihani: Don’t avoid hard work. Magic comes to life when we consistently show up and do what needs to be done. Being good at a particular thing and being good at business are 2 very different skill sets – be open to learning both.

And most importantly, do not have second hand opinions on work. It is a popular notion to hate work or to look at work with the lens of extortion and exploitation. We spend the majority of our time working.

Be around people who are in love with their work. That energy is contagious and also sets your context right. Be curious and adaptive and give things the time they need to fully blossom.

Advita Bihani’s vision for Indulge Global underscores a commitment to excellence and innovation in engineering solutions.

As they continue to expand their footprint in the market, Indulge Global remains poised to redefine standards within the Instrumentation & Control sector, promising continued advancements and transformative impacts in the industry.

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