Using The Sun To Access An Affordable Solar Drinking Water System

solar drinking water system

What is a Solar Drinking Water System?

The Solar drinking water system harnesses the sun’s energy to transport water from a remote source to storage tanks strategically located above a town.

These tanks can hold a lot of water, generally up to three days’ worth. It assures a constant supply of water throughout the year.

The method brilliantly allows gravity to do the rest once the water is in the storage tanks, piping water down downhill to tap stands outside each home and within easy reach of fields, as well as to schools, clinics, and other community organizations.

The Solar drinking water system is one of the main reasons for its efficiency: just half of the electricity required to distribute the water is consumed.

Water is supplied on-demand to families, farms, and businesses with the simple turn of a spout below.

That is why it’s known as a multi-use water system. Drinking, cooking, sanitation, irrigation, and other uses are all possible with the water we get from the solar drinking water system.

Where Do The Solar Drinking Water System Is Appropriate?

The solar drinking water system works well in hilly areas where people live above the nearest water source.

This system can also be beneficial to the populations that live in flat regions but are a considerable distance from a reliable water source.

Because it runs on solar energy, this system is ideal for areas with a lot of sunshine throughout the year.

This system may be utilized in locations where there is a limited amount of water available, such as a natural spring.

This one-of-a-kind characteristic, along with system lifespans of up to 20 years, makes this technology completely adaptable and practical.

The solar drinking water system is being used largely in areas, where people living in the Himalayan foothills have severe constraints on the amount of water they can obtain.

We help communities to build solar systems to enhance water access for both domestic and agricultural use.

We provide communities with WASH training, agriculture training, and the tools and skills they need to keep the system running in the future.

How Does The Solar Drinking Water System Work?

The sun’s light is used to create energy in the form of a Direct Current (DC) in a solar photovoltaic (PV) array.

This electricity powers a motor in a linked pump, turning it on and off. The pump transports water from the source(s) to a reservoir or storage tank positioned above the neighborhood.

The water is then distributed to individual tap stands, outside residences, and within easy reach of fields, using a gravity-fed system.

– To collect water from various sources, a collecting tank is built near the water sources.

– If the pump is a submersible kind, it is submerged beneath the water in the collecting tank or near the collection tank (if it is a surface-mounted type).

Solar panels are placed near the collecting chamber to ensure that the solar array receives the maximum amount of sunlight. The power is generated in DC by the solar PV array.

– The solar PV array generates power, which is transferred through the cable to the motor, then drives the pump. An inverter is required to convert the DC to AC if an Alternative Current (AC) pump is utilized.

– The pump takes water from the collecting tank and transports it via a delivery line to the storage tank.

The storage tank will be built at the top of the village and will be large enough to provide at least three days of autonomy (i.e., it will be large enough to contain three days’ worth of water).

This solar drinking water system implies that even if there are three days of overcast weather in a row when the pump isn’t running, there will be enough water for distribution.

– Water is delivered from the storage tank to several taps and outlets around the community through a distribution pipe.

– Water can be released on demand by members of the community.

The Need For Solar Drinking Water System.

The solar drinking water system has the potential to solve one of the world’s most serious problems: water scarcity.

Even though there is enough freshwater on Earth to serve the entire population, approximately 20% of humans have limited access to it.

Industries such as agriculture and food manufacturing contribute to water pollution, and the world is now looking for more sustainable ways to provide food and water.

It implies that more than a billion people are not able to obtain safe drinking water, which is an essential resource.

If humanity can desalinate water, the world’s seas can offer more than enough water to fulfill global demands.

This source becomes increasingly more enticing when natural freshwater sources become limited and the population grows.

The solar drinking water system techniques would allow the population in need of water to benefit from it without losing energy efficiency.

Desalination is a viable alternative for more than 2 billion people because around 40% of the world’s population lives near a shoreline.

If solar desalination could achieve that efficiency level, water shortages would be a thing of the past.

Even if it doesn’t serve the whole population, managing that volume of water would be enough to fulfill world demand.

The Solar Drinking Water System Technique is Crucial For Preserving The Earth.

Expanding access to potable water will be required to maintain current world use levels. Using high-energy techniques, on the other hand, might result in environmental concerns such as carbon emissions. Both sides of the equation are covered by solar technology.

Although the solar drinking water system technology is still in its infancy, early findings are promising.

The world can ensure that everyone has access to clean water while also preserving the environment by resorting to sustainable solutions like this solar system.

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Silan Solar believes solar drinking water system technology is a promising renewable energy solution.

However, without the direct engagement, training, and collaboration of communities, it would not be sustainable or lucrative.

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