AG&P Pratham Opens First Liquefied and Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) Station in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

AG&P Pratham LCNG Station

AG&P the City Gas Distribution (CGD) arm of the Singapore-based AG&P Group, a leading downstream LNG and gas logistics company the global downstream LNG and gas logistics company, today announced the opening of its first wholly owned Liquefied & Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) station at Kalptaru in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, under its India City Gas Distribution (CGD) arm – AG&P Pratham.

The LCNG station will ensure uninterrupted access of natural gas to commercial, industrial, and residential customers not connected to the gas pipeline, including owners and drivers of any CNG-powered vehicle – from auto-rickshaws to taxis, cars and light commercial trucks.

The LCNG station comprises of two (2) storage tanks with capacity of 56 MT of LNG storage and gasification. This is the first LCNG station in the entire state of Rajasthan.

With the opening of the wholly owned LCNG station, Jodhpur now has six AG&P Pratham CNG stations in operation in the areas of Diesel Shed, Soorsagar Road, Pal Road, Salawas, Mandore, and Lalsagar Road.

Three more – one on Banar Road and two on Pali Highway are expected to be commissioned next month.

AG&P Pratham is laying pipelines to deliver piped natural gas (PNG) directly to thousands of homes, factories and businesses in Jodhpur.

In a pre-recorded congratulatory message, His Excellency, Maharaja of Jodhpur Shri. Gaj Singh said that with the opening of AG&P Pratham’s LCNG station and several CNG stations across the state for distribution of natural gas, is critical for the distribution of natural gas, a fuel that will make life easier for the people of the state,, while Instrumental in controlling air pollution.

Chief Operating Officer, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and Head, Technical Services, AG&P, Mr. Manish Goswami, said, “AG&P First’s wholly owned LCNG station, another important milestone in making CNG and natural gas Which is easily accessible to the people of Rajasthan.

Over the next five years, we will build 50 CNG stations in Jaisalmer, Barmer, and Jodhpur and connect 2,00,000 households to PNG, ensuring this safe, low cost and non-stop supply of environmentally friendly fuel.

We will offer special incentives for people to make the switch, so they can start generating more business, more profits and more savings while ensuring clean air to stay healthy. “

The opening ceremony of the LCNG station of AG&P Pratham was held in the presence of Mr. Inderjit Singh (IAS), District Magistrate and Collector of Jodhpur, Mr. PPG Sarma, Managing Director – CGD, AG&P.

Speaking at the inauguration of the LCNG station, Mr. PPG Sarma, Managing Director – City Gas Distribution, AG&P said, “We are deeply honored to receive a congratulatory message from His Excellency, the Maharaja of Jodhpur, Shri. Gaj Singh, in memory of opening of first LCNG station in Rajasthan.

We are also grateful to Shri Inderjit Singh and for the invaluable support of all the arms of the State Government in the establishment of CGD infrastructure in Jodhpur.

AG&P Pratham is committed to adopting natural gas as the primary source of fuel and helping India towards a clean energy future.”

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AG&P Pratham’s India-wide CGD network plans to cover an area of more than 278,000 sq km in 31 districts across five states – Rajasthan in the north, and Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the south – and has 1,500 more More CNG stations will be set up and more than 17,000 inch-km of pipelines.