Ahmedabad-based Petpooja empowering restaurants to automate their operations


Petpooja’s innovative software is powering more than 25,000 foot outlets including QSRs, cloud kitchens, fine-dine restaurants and all other F&B formats across India. 

24TH March 2021, Ahmedabad: City based Petpooja is empowering small and medium sized restaurants like never before.

With its unique Restaurant Management Software, Petpooja allows restaurants to automate their operational processes, helping them usher in greater efficiencies, keeping a control on costs and optimizing profits.

When they were just starting in the F&B industry, the founders Parthiv Patel and Apurv Patel saw that in majority of the restaurants, most of the processes, such as order management, delivery coordination, and inventory management, were handled manually, causing significant time delays and errors, leading to entirely avoidable losses. 

Finding a solution to these issues is what inspired them to create Petpooja in its current avatar, a provider of solutions designed ground-up for small restaurants, small chains, and independent outlets.

In less than a decade, Petpooja’s highly affordable solutions are currently powering over 25,000 F&B outlets across formats such as fine-dine, QSRs, cloud-kitchens, food courts, cafes, bars, bakeries, etc. throughout the country.

Petpooja’s offerings handle all core tasks of a restaurant, including billing, kitchen order token, inventory and stock, raw materials, recipes, menu, apart from reporting and advanced analytics.

“Being entirely cloud-based, it allows owners and managers to monitor the operations in real time, and even remotely if needed”  said Parthiv Patel , Co founder Petpooja. 

The restaurant business is the most digitized of all retail, encompassing online aggregators, payments, loyalty, ERP, accounting and much more. Petpooja’s core modules integrate with over 80+ third-parties, allowing restaurants to manage everything from a single dashboard. 

“The restaurants’ menus on online aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo are all controlled from Petpooja, and the orders also land directly on the PoS, allowing single-screen operations for restaurants”  said  Apurv Patel, co founder Petpooja. 

Petpooja also reconciles different payment methods that are demanded by customers such as cash, cards, UPI, online orders, etc. Restaurants also manage their expenses, taxes and discounts on the platform, categorizing them according to their types, allowing them to get a holistic view of their finances.

All these toolsallow a restaurant to run on auto-pilot, freeing owners and managers from time-consuming operational concerns and allowing them to focus on food and customer experience.

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At a time when the pandemic has caused a huge shift in industry dynamics, with a greater shift towards operational efficiency and delivery, Petpooja with it’s domain expertise, experience and insights, is a perfect partner for restaurants.