AI Tools for Business – How technology is driving the change

AI Tools for Business

Technological advancement is changing the way businesses operate. To create faster and more efficient systems, more and more businesses are now turning to Artificial Intelligence, a techno-revolution that is powering change across industries.

But to maximize its capabilities, you must choose the right AI tools best suited to your business requirements and enhance your functionalities.

This article will tell you the importance of AI in business, the best AI tools for business, and how they are helping companies scale up.

Top AI tools for business

Every business has its own specific requirements, and one-size-fits-all might not be the right approach. So, companies must choose the right AI tools to gain maximum benefits. Here are our top picks based on different industries:

1. Digital writing assistant

Communication is an essential part of any business these days. Grammarly helps produce cohesive, error-free, and intuitive written communication hassle-free.

The interface is easy to understand and can be easily used by every team member. It also provides valuable suggestions to improve the written language and enhance the user experience.

2. HR Management Software

One of the most important uses of AI is in the HR department. From automating and streamlining payroll, benefits, onboarding, employee compensation, employee engagement, and employee management – an efficient HR management software like Carbonate helps the HR department work more efficiently.

It is an extremely important software for businesses as it directly helps perform HR tasks well, increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

3. Data analysis and BI tools

Data analysis is yet another essential aspect of businesses that have become highly productive with AI. But handling and organizing hordes of data can be an overwhelming task.

But Tamr is an efficient data unification tool that integrates multiple platforms to organize data in a secure and easily navigable access point.

Other AI tools like Zoho Zia and Quill help automate repetitive tasks for data report generation and use natural language generation for narrative data report generation.

4. Search Engine Optimization Tools

From finding the right keywords, deciphering the user queries, and optimizing search queries, to analyzing online discussions about brands, these AI-based SEO tools help businesses automate and maximize the number of functions.

These tools help companies make more informed decisions based on the data collected to place their brand better online and optimize their websites per their business needs.

These tools are also handy in collecting information from social media pages to know what the users are talking about their brand, helping them reposition themselves.

5. CRM Software

Customer relationship management is one of the most important aspects of business today. With the customers becoming more demanding and the competitive environment set up the bar really high, companies constantly strive to provide the best customer service, and CRM software allows you to do that.

With extensive features like Sessions and Scheduling, Payment integration, Reports and Analytics, Communication,

Lead Generation, and Media Management, the Flavor CRM software is just what you need to connect with your customers seamlessly.

6. Banking tools – Coin, Erica

AI-enabled tools help banking organizations reduce errors, increase productivity, make banking more accessible to users, and increase overall productivity by 80 percent.

Tools like Coin, short for Contract Intelligence, helps banks reduce error in servicing loans and the time taken to complete all kinds of paperwork.

Similarly, Erice, virtual assistance, is a combination of chatbot and VA that answers all customer queries resulting in quick and efficient response time.

7. Tools to increase brand loyalty

We don’t need to explain why and how vital brand loyalty is for companies. And AI-enabled tools like Chatfuel, Yotpo, and Howler AI help companies do that.

These tools interact with the customers in real-time, gauge the tone of the online discussions about the brands and collect important data about what people are discussing about a particular company.

Based on this, brands can further their efforts in connecting with their customers and enhance their image.


The tools mentioned above are perfect examples of how AI in business is changing the face of how businesses function across the board.

AI in different sectors is helping the organization make their processes more efficient, enhance overall communication, and scale up their operations.

AI allows companies to process a massive amount of data that can be utilized to make crucial decisions regarding the effective development of a business.

Realizing the importance of AI in business, the world has seen increased investment in such tools, and it is expected to grow exponentially in the next five years.

So, if you haven’t yet found the right AI tool that perfectly fits your business requirements, check out the above list.

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