Aishwarya Rao, woman on a mission to revolutionise the Indian education system

Aishwarya Rao, Director, The Vivekalaya Group of Institutions

Aishwarya Rao, Director, The Vivekalaya Group of Institutions

She believes in implementing new ideas and revolutionizing the Indian education system to better suit the modern Indian.

The Vivekalaya Group of Institutions is a world class educational centre that promotes inclusivity, equality and empowerment, and was founded by the incomparable, Mrs.Prema Rao, the mother of the current Director Academics and Administration, Ms.Aishwarya Rao.

Aishwarya is also the Managing Trustee of the PremAnand Foundation. She’s from Coimbatore and had a comprehensive and progressive upbringing surrounded around inclusivity and innovation in modern Indian educational practices.

She has a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a Master’s in Education from University of
Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Since she took on the role of Director in 2011, her focus has been implementing new ideas and revolutionizing the Indian education system to better suit the modern Indian.

She has designed and initiated various workshops and programs namely Mommy and Me, The Little Reader, Talent Week, Just Us Two, Feast of Flavours and the invisible quotient.

As the Director, she has submersed herself into developing the Vivekalaya Group, from rebranding and upscaling to adding course content that sets Vivekalaya apart from other institutions, redefining their approach to faculty training, and launching new schools.

She spearheaded the addition of the life skills program, and consciously opted out of using traditional textbooks, choosing instead to develop their own course content.

She has introduced home learners’ kits, activity and academic kits, facilitated sports training, and added a variety of programs that cater to body and mind.

According to Aishwarya, there is still much to be done to bring about improvement and change in the educational sector.

This growth and expansion can be achieved by adopting new methods, as well as implementing tried and tested practices by customizing them to match the students’ needs.

Her primary goal is to build the best education system in South India by aspiring to create a name that is respected, revered and renowned.

Driven, ethical and conscious about bringing a positive change to the society, she plans to expand in the educational sector by creating better platforms for learning and skill building, developing new
programs and venturing into the publication of Vivekalaya’s own textbooks, reading materials and educational kits.

Vivekalaya Group of Institutions

Founded by Mrs. Prema Rao, The Vivekalaya Group of Institutions is a vibrant, safe and beautiful ecosystem of learning and aspiration which offers every student an equal opportunity to achieve academic, athletic and creative excellence.

What started as a determined mother’s mission to find a suitable holistic and inclusive institution that would suit her son. Today the Vivekalaya Group has become a pioneer in inclusivity in education.

In the past three decades, the institution has grown into a symbol of, excellence and ethics. Each individual person associated with Vivekalaya, from teachers and faculty to researchers and students, has the ability to stand out in a crowd and create their own unique path due to the values inculcated in them by the institution’s philosophy, “You are what you Seek.” They function on principles of love, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Vivekalaya caters to students from all walks of life, and they are sensitive and accommodating of differently abled students or students with learning difficulties.

In fact, they are the first-of-its-kind institution in Coimbatore which brings together different types of learners under one roof.

They have the freedom to customise their programs as they create and follow their own text material for languages and mathematics.

The institutions kindergarten follows a thematic approach, and all the rhymes, songs, poetry, and stories are written and composed by Vivekalaya’s team of researchers.

They believe in customising the curriculum to fit each child rather than moulding the student to fit into a preconceived expectation.

Vivekalaya believes in a blended approach to education that ultimately create a unique and fulfilling experience.

Their methodology is about stimulating the academic, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the student.

Their aim to offer students a holistic learning experience is achieved through the courses and programs they offer, which includes important life skills lessons, organic reading programs, cooking/home skills programs and more.

They have a program for budding entrepreneurs where students can interact with entrepreneurs to learn skills that are necessary set up businesses.

Not only do they provide athletic or physical well-being programs like music, dance, yoga and Karate which are compulsory at an introductory level for all, but they also offer academic and mental excellence programs for the mind. In an effort to support women empowerment, Vivekalaya teaches self- defence courses to older female students.

Reflecting the secular nature of the country, the institution traditionally highlights a different religion every week where students are taught how to recite prayers and learn about different religions all over the country.

Alongside this, they offer a value education program that delves into the cultural roots of Hinduism and its way of life.

Vivekalaya’s vast offering of programs and courses has turned simple-minded students into ambitious and successful individuals who have been national toppers and world toppers.

But most importantly, the institution turns them into responsible citizens who contribute to the society in a positive manner.

Each of their schools are unique in their own way but their international school, Prakriya International School is considered one of the best in the city.

Recipient of countless awards and accolades, Vivekalaya is a world class institution that believes more in the reward of becoming each child’s happy place as they discover the joy in learning. They are the pioneers of the future of Indian education.

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