Akash Sharma, Entrepreneur & Founder of Kapdewala, an e-commerce website for printed t-shirts, Sweatshirt & Hoodies

Akash Sharma - Founder of Kapdewala

Akash Sharma, Entrepreneur & Founder of Kapdewala

At Sugermint, our aim is to bring to our entrepreneurs and startups community some of the inspiring and motivational stories from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As part of this endeavour, we invited yet another entrepreneur Akash Sharma, Entrepreneur & Founder of Kapdewala, an e-commerce website for printed t-shirts, sweatshirt & hoodies for an exclusive interview with us.

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Akash sharma. I am web developer by profession. I did my graduation from MMH college ghaziabad in the year 2010 and joined NIIT for other computer languages like .Net & Java and started working in a MNC.

I belong to a middle class family. I always  wanted to create my own business, and more importantly, generate employment.

What is Kapdewala?

Akash Sharma: Roti, Kapda, aur Makan are the basic necessities of human life which have developed over time. The previous concept of simple and ordinary living has transformed into classic and comfy living. People have started moving towards comfort and standard living now.

In the revolutionizing world, where almost everything is revolutionized and fashion along with trends is busting the market, the old kapdewala is back with new trends.

Kapdewala just got updated to bring to the modern world stylish clothing with comfort at the knack. Very comfy and has good fabric to make you feel awesome in it.

KAPDEWALA is a direct to consumer (D2C) lifestyle fashion brand founded by Akash Sharma with the goal of providing a line of stylish and quirky t-shirts for everyone.

Basically kapdewala is an e-commerce website for printed t-shirts, sweatshirt & hoodies. They also deals in customized t-shirts according to customer needs. They are providing best quality material t-shirts in very affordable prices.

If someone is passionate about something, whether it is gaming, traveling, music, biking, eating, reading, and movies, etc.

They have cool designs that help you to speak about your personality in a unique way. The bootstrapped firm started in the most challenging time.

It was during the stage of lockdown when the online market was at its peak. It was since then that the journey was unstoppable

This bootstrapped company kapdewala has become the brand in just one year. It was started last year with an investment of Rs. 10 thousand.

Today, the monthly revenue generation reaches 1 Lakh, making kapdewala one of the finest examples of bootstrapped to rapidly growing companies

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Akash Sharma: I started my entrepreneur journey in 2018 with Chappai.com which was an e-commerce website for designer mobile covers.

But, the start didn’t go well. I tried my hand in many things but didn’t get success in any. After stumbling several times, I got up once again and made up my mind to start another work.

This time I first saw my budget and then tried to know about the mood of the market. The world is turning online, and so is the market. So, finally I decided to step into this online world with a range full of plush and perfection.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer at Kapdewala?

Akash Sharma: We are providing best quality printed T-shirts, sweatshirts & hoodies. We also deal in customised tshirts according to customer needs.

What is unique about your label brand?

Akash Sharma: We collaborate with many indian Artists and support Indian art and culture. We are trying to empower more people as much as possible. We also offer personalized merchandise like company tshirts

What made you choose this type of business?

Akash Sharma: In today’s world, online shopping has become a joy and exciting task for most customers. These days T-Shirts, Sweatshirts,

Hoodies etc are in high demand among the youth. Time is changing, and people prefer wearing or trying customized clothes.

What was your mission at the outset?

Akash Sharma: There are lots of brands in this sector even some of the brands are using our indian raw material to use their products but there is no big indian brand who is competing with them.

Although their prices are also very high. We want to provide same quality products at very reasonable price. So that common people can afford super comfortable products at very affordable prices.

How many employees in your organization?

Akash Sharma: Currently we are 5 people team but are planning to extend our team.

What’s your company’s goals?

Akash Sharma: Tshirts for everyone as we believe everyone deserve best quality products at reasonable price and most importantly we want to generate more employment.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Akash Sharma: I failed my previous startup because I spent all my money just to start my business and in the end I didn’t sufficient amount for marketing.

What was the inspiration behind turning an entrepreneur?

Akash Sharma: A engineer turned to entrepreneur is quite fascinating but nothing happened suddenly. Its all started with a dream.

After I completed my engineering and I was struggling just to find a job in IT sector. Because due to huge resection I didn’t get any job in IT sector.

So I started working in home shop 18 as a customer care executive. Then I learned alot about ecom and that I decided one day I will also start my e-com business.

Key things to consider before starting a startup?

Akash Sharma: Before starting a business first understand the need of market. We can’t sell what we love we can only sell that customer wants.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?

Akash Sharma: Biggest mistake which I make is I start very late. if you are passionate about something don’t wait for perfect time.

Your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Akash Sharma: If you are not able to find your passion don’t worry just start working…  One day your passion will find you.

Website: https://kapdewala.co

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