Interview: Mrs. Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia, Co- Founder & President of La Mior Cosmetics & Skincare

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia-Co-founder-La Mior

An interview with Mrs. Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia, Co- Founder & President of La Mior Cosmetics & Skincare

Can you share the inspiration behind founding La Mior and what motivated you to enter the cosmetic products industry?

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia: I founded La Mior with a vision to provide customers with clean makeup products that are both plant-based and vegan while maintaining high product performance standards. Our inspiration stemmed from a desire to introduce skincare-infused clean makeup to the Indian market.

We ensure high commitment to delivering top-quality products and innovative formulations drives La Mior’s mission as a clean beauty brand. By blending scientific research with the nourishing properties of superfoods, we aim to enhance natural radiance and empower individuals.

Our creations cater to modern, busy women, offering quick, easy, long-lasting, and fuss-free makeup that seamlessly integrates into their everyday lives, promoting confidence from within.

What sets La Mior apart from other cosmetic product manufacturers in the market?

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia: La Mior stands out in the cosmetic product market due to its unique journey. Originally ideated as a direct-to-consumer brand offering vegan products, we noticed a gap in the availability, or better yet ‘the lack of’ of homegrown manufacturers for clean and vegan skincare.

To fill this void, we made a pivot turnaround by establishing India’s first cosmetics manufacturing business with a specific emphasis on clean beauty formulations.

This decision of ours was prompted by the thought of wellness and women’s health by meeting the increasing demand for products that prioritize both beauty and well-being.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of La Mior’s products, especially considering the growing concern for natural and sustainable ingredients?

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia: To ensure the quality and safety that is promised by La Mior’s products, particularly in light of the growing emphasis on natural and sustainable ingredients, we’ve taken significant steps. While the absence of a dedicated manufacturing facility initially posed a challenge to the authenticity and credibility we promised, we saw it as an opportunity to establish our own.

By setting up our cosmetics manufacturing plant, we’ve been able to streamline production, reduce turnaround times, and focus on rigorous research and development.

Additionally, beyond our visually appealing packaging and effective formulas, we’ve innovated products like our pH Adaptive Lip Stains and Diamond Lustre Highlighter Palette, which not only offer skincare benefits but also address concerns about ingredient sustainability.

Could you elaborate on La Mior’s approach to product development and innovation?

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia: La Mior’s approach to product development and innovation revolves around prioritizing the best possible experience for our customers.

Our approach to developing or ideating upon new products involves staying ahead of trends, anticipating consumer preferences, and making a conscious effort to try our hands on combinations of innovation put together in order to continually enhance our offerings.

Moreover, we view product packaging as crucial, as it influences customers’ initial purchase decisions. Therefore, we focus on selecting visually appealing and functional packaging, alongside optimizing product formulation.

What challenges have you encountered in scaling your business, and how have you overcome them?

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia: Initially, one of our major hurdles was educating customers on the benefits of clean beauty. It is still a dominant mindset that clean beauty products trade quality and are inefficient in delivering results because they lack certain ingredients.

However, with every product we launch we are actively working to achieve a sustainable mindset that clean beauty can be possible without compromising product performance. Overcoming this challenge requires extensive outreach efforts and transparent communication to build trust and loyalty among our audience.

La Mior emphasizes inclusivity and diversity in its marketing and product range. Can you speak to the importance of this and how it’s reflected in your brand?

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia: We prioritize creating high-performing vegan beauty products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers, especially considering the Indian demography and weather conditions. Our focus on clean beauty and education aims to empower individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their skin.

With our superfood-based, uncomplicated ingredients, and a range of 12 shades tailored to Indian skin tones in products like our Phyto Radiance Serum Foundation amongst our product offerings, we ensure that everyone can find their perfect match for everyday use, offering simple, seamless, and healthy solutions.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the cosmetic industry based on your experience with La Mior?

Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia: As someone deeply immersed in the cosmetic industry, my heartfelt advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is this: Embrace innovation as and allow that to guide you in crafting products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of your customers.

It’s always a demand to dive deep into understanding your audience, their desires, and the ever-shifting trends, as this insight will fuel your journey towards success. Most importantly what had made my entrepreneurial vision so strong into execution is never compromising on quality or authenticity.

One should let the brand values shine through in every formulation and interaction, since they are the pillars upon which lasting relationships are built.

In the dynamic landscape of cosmetic manufacturing, Aakriti Jayant Chhaparia’s leadership shines as a beacon of excellence. Through La Mior, she has not only revolutionized the industry but also set a precedent for ethical and sustainable practices.

As she continues to chart new territories, her story remains an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the transformative power of vision and perseverance in the pursuit of dreams.

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