Akrund and Navanagar became India’s first truly ‘Smart Villages’ equipped with LiFi technology

Hardik Soni, Co-Founder, and CTO of Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd
Hardik Soni, Co-Founder, and CTO of Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Ahmedabad based Nav Wireless Technology installed LiFi based Optical Wireless Communication system between Akrund and Navanagar village in Aravali district, Gujarat.
  • With this installation, schools, hospitals, post offices and other government offices in these villages will get faster and safer internet connection over existing electric power lines.       

Ahmedabad, February 17, 2021 – Gujarat has become the first state in India having truly ‘Smart Villages’ beginning a new chapter in the Digital India story.

Ahmedabad based Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd has set up the latest LiFi technology-based optical wireless communication system at Akrund and Navanagar villages in Dhansura tehsil, Aravali district of the state. With this setup, schools, hospitals, post offices, and other government offices in these villages will get faster and safer internet connection over existing electric power lines.

Nav Wireless Technology is the only registered company in the LiFi sector in Asia

Speaking on this initiative, Mr. Hardik Soni, Co-Founder, and CTO of Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd said “We are proud to bring this technology revolution in our home state Gujarat.

Nav Wireless has extended Gujarat Fibre Grid Network Ltd (GFGNL) fiber internet connectivity from Akrund gram panchayat building to Navanagar village primary school which is at the distance of 1.5 km with LiFi wireless optical communication.

Furthermore, we had also implemented Hybrid Microwave LiFi enabled LED lights in schools, hospitals and in the post office rooms over existing PLC- electric power line networks of respective buildings.”

LiFi means transmitting data with a light beam spectrum through open space in outdoor and indoor environments.

LiFi systems provide ultra-fast data connections, and are especially useful in urban areas where radio spectra are congested, and also very useful in Rural areas wherein Fiber Optic Cables or network are not reachable.

Till now, only large, well-funded organizations have been able to developed LiFi – Wireless Optical Communication technology such as Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd in India.

Elaborating on the project details, Mr. Mahendra Kabra, CEO, Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd, and Joint MD, RR Kabel said “Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed a new technology project called Wireless Optical Communication – LiFi in a joint project with the RR Global.

Its aim is to make Wireless Optical Communication – LiFi technology truly affordable and accessible to everyone, providing urban amenities in rural areas. 

We had build Optical Wireless 10gbps link to provide internet in just 2 working days. This LiFi Optical Wireless Communications is very useful as a replacement of laying down the fibre optics for long distance range”

Echoing the same voice, Shri Dharmendra Sharma, Head/Director Technical and Infrastructure, Gujrat Fiber Grid Network Limited said “Gujarat is proud to become the first state in India to have truly Smart Villages.

This technology revolution can be a boon for getting the internet connectivity reached to every nook and corner, and across the length and breadth of Gujarat and India and propel the drive for smart villages”.

Mr. Sanjay Gaden, Head, SeMT, Gujarat, said “LiFi – Optical Wireless Communications is free from licensing and regulation which translates into ease, speed and low cost of deployment.

This will really help to increase GDP growth of our nation by 2% with help of Internet services in rural areas.

As all offices, departments, hospitals are connected through the Internet, there will be a faster and safer communication among the all stakeholders.”

Sharing a pleasure over this development, Mr. Manoj Joshi, Veteran Actor said “We are living in a digital age and its very important that every village of the country gets connected with the internet.

With this LiFi technology, the villagers will get access to various services to make their life better.This is a beginning of a tech revolution.”

Smt. Lalitaben Patel, Sarpanch, Akrund Gram Panchayat is now very happy and proud of her village.

“Now all the schools, public health centers, post offices, and other govt offices will get a faster and safer internet connection. This will ease the processes and help all the villagers to get better and speedy services”, she said.

LiFi is a mobile wireless technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. In India, Nav Wireless is the only player working on Li-Fi in this segment.

Nav Wireless Technologies has successfully installed such a LiFi technology-based communication facility for various government institutions and private premises.

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