Alin Shah & Nirali Parekh – Real Life Power couple & Co-founders of ‘Belliskey’ – Entrepreneur Journey

Alin Shah & Nirali Parekh - Co-founders of Belliskey

Co-founders Alin Shah: BTech in Mechanical Engineering (India) and Masters in Global Business (USA) and Nirali Parekh: BTech in Biotechnology (USA) always had an inclination towards fashion, since both their families were already working in this sector.

Sipping his coffee, CO-founder Alin voices , “ We always wanted to have a brand of our own that we can grow and nurture and fashion is something we both were always fascinated with.

We introduced ‘Belliskey’ , a homegrown label and creating styles for men and women both that are cool & smart!

It’s just been a year since its inception and we have been getting some fantastic reviews and we are only looking forward to further developing, creating and improvising and doing our best .

We want our customers to feel ‘cool’ when they wear our garments and that’s our main intention as to how we want to grow this brand. .

He further voices, “It’s just been a year , and our business has been growing by 20 % . We are very optimistic about it and we have some really cool styles coming up in the coming months.

Both Alin &Nirali ,  has laid out a 5 year plan beginning this year wherein they aspire to  become a top online brand, which is supported by retail outlets in all the major cities of India.

This year they have been planning to streamline and strengthen their back end and explore further on sourcing sustainable raw materials. 

Being environment conscious and focusing on creating sustainability, on concluding note Alin Advises all the upcoming young entrepreneurs,

“Our advice would be to first spend a couple months/years studying the current market situation and find out what is missing in this market. Secondly, sustainability is going to be a norm so better work to make it an integral part of your brand.

Kudos to the Entire Belliskey Team, for introducing a brand during covid and having reached so far. More Power to them.

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