All About One Pager and its Uses

One Pager

All About One Pager and its Uses

A one-pager is a written introduction to your business. What you’re offering, how you’re going about it, and why you stand out from the competition are all summarized, skillfully structured, and phrased to fit on a single, attractive webpage.

One-pagers can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • You are using them to promote your company to nearby companies.
  • Show your supervisor or purchasing manager a product or service summary.
  • Allow customers to print a one-page summary of your product to distribute to others.
  • Government representatives use them as gifts to garner support for policies and initiatives.

What a one-pager is good for?

A one pager is frequently used for sales prospecting at the top of the funnel during the awareness and interest stages to pique the curiosity of potential customers to learn more about your service.

They are designed to gain prospects’ trust and assist them in determining whether they want to proceed and learn more about your product or service.

  • Unusual yet useful uses for one-pagers include:
  • Present your ideas to prospective investors.
  • Display brochures for your products or services.
  • For public relations, inform journalists and other media representatives about your company.
  • Simplify internal communication and ensure everyone knows the company’s primary business objectives.

What ought to be in a one-pager?

A one-precise pager’s content will depend on who is writing it and why it is needed. A one-pager can be used in almost endless scenarios in business.

But here are the applications that I’ve found to be most fruitful, along with the kinds of details you ought to provide in each:


A firm one-pager should explain what your company does, whether it’s selling products or offering services. All businesses should include the following in their successful company one-pager:

  • Task statement 
  • Task statement 
  • provided services
  • value statement
  • Contact details
  • Order sheet

A sell-sheet should contain the following:

  • Logo.
  • Pricing scheme you use.
  • Details about ordering.

A product flyer:

In essence, a product flyer is a sell sheet for a certain product or service that you produce or market. They differ from sell sheets in that they concentrate on just one product or service instead of all the products and services your business offers. Product flyers ought to include the following:

  • Logo.
  • Images of your product
  • Product details.
  • Data regarding sales.
  • Purchasing knowledge.
  • Contact details.

Investor pitch:

You’ll put together a pitch deck if you’re looking for funding for your business. Think about including the following in your one-page investor pitch:

  • Logo.
  • distinctive value proposition
  • Market research and revenue forecasts.
  • List of the team’s leaders and key players.

A standardized process:

One pager is tremendously helpful when learning a new skill, whether just starting a job or taking on new duties.

Create one-pagers that outline your standard operating procedures to give your staff a head start. These one-pagers can assist kids in committing things to memory, so they become automatic. A one-page SOP should include the following:

  • Logo.
  • An explanation of the document’s goal.
  • A synopsis of the steps or the particular task.
  • Policies and processes are essential to comprehending the task.


One-pagers for training and standard operating procedures are similar. However, it is specifically designed to ensure team members are prepared to handle a novel task, technology, or procedure.

These one-pagers, sometimes known as job aids, are most similar to those used in education because they aim to make information stick.

Although the precise content will vary, training one-pagers typically need to contain the following:

  • Logo.
  • Task’s name.
  • Steps to perform the task are listed.
  • About the task FAQ.
  • Contact details in case assistance are required.

Sales report:

One-pagers are ideal for summarising extensive content, according to sales research. As we just discussed, they serve a purpose in training materials.

However, they can also draw attention to crucial components of more general information or data, like sales statistics.

There may be an infinite number of sales and revenue-related data points in your organization. Making a one-page summary of everything can help people understand the information better.

Once you have designed and structured a one pager, the next step is gathering resources for sales managers.

They must be unified and easily accessible. This is where the use of the best sales enablement tools, including Content Camel, can come in handy for you.Using it will enhance the sales process and help you get more leads for your business.

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