Alphabets of Grief! – Healing, Understanding, and Informative

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Life and death are the two sides of the spinning coin. Life rejoices one while death on the other hand breaks us.

No matter at what age you lost your loved one, the intense and crucial feeling and emotion just won’t seem to cease. 

There are numerous people who try to avoid talking to the grieving person as they lack the power to convey the condolences.

People find it difficult to express what they have in their minds in the fear of spilling wrong words. 

In this article, let us experience the true essence of building a better mode of non-verbal methods through which you can be there for people when in need. 


Today, when people are racing with the time, one of the best things to do is to be there for people during their hardships. 

One’s presence can do wonders in hours of grief. No! By presence we don’t mean that you have a conversation with the person. Be a silent well-wisher. And if they feel comfortable, they might be pouring their heart out with you. What is even a better way than just listening to their heart out?

Being there is a tradition worth considering enough. 


The demand of a normal person won’t be to share hours as well sometimes. All they wish for is to be taken care of. 

But this statement doesn’t indicate that you ask a general question asking if you are of any help because for which the answer could be a straight no. The need to have an effective piece of weaving words is necessary. 

Being specific is the key. Offer help by asking questions like,

“I am preparing some lunch. Do you have any preferences?”

“I am heading for a walk. Would you wish to join?”

“Do you want me to take your kids to the park?”

And the list goes on. 


This is one of the precious ways to show your love and care by avoiding conversations. 

A gift worth treasuring especially when it symbolizes the essence of the lost one can make it the most intriguing gesture to prove. The cremation jewelry can act as one of the best forms of gift to choose from. 

There are numerous types of jewelry available online. Such as bracelets, necklaces for ashes, urn pendants, charms, and so on. You can customize it or choose from the wide existing collection with peace. 


Apart from the cremation jewelry, the most healing gesture is to give gift cards showering love for their every action concerned.

You can either write enthralling words or just acknowledge their effort in terms of surviving this phase. These gestures act as a motivating medium over which they can hold onto. 

Every person has different experiences and feels differently. And not everyone grieves in the same manner. It is vital to understand their space and act accordingly. 

The practical ways of offering comfort and support to the grieving person are something to excel into. Even though taking care of your words can help you to a great extent. There are numerous things which you shouldn’t do. 

They are as follows:

  • You should avoid asking how are they doing to a person going through a difficult phase. 
  • Never encourage their bad habits as freedom out of the terrible feeling. Such as alcohol, hallucinations, talking about suicide or harming oneself, hopelessness, and so on. 
  • Never ask things that direct to the process of death during an inappropriate time. Rather put forth words as a remembrance. 
  • Rethink the religious lines you are about to preach for them to feel better. Getting verses or lines out of context or mistakenly orating the lines that might hurt them should be avoided completely. 
  • Don’t stop them from crying, or feeling any sentimental emotions. 
  • Do not say statements like, “Things will get better as well as easier”, “They’re in a better place now”, “I know what are you feeling right now”, and so on. 
  • Avoid comparing griefs. 

Unfortunate events are a part of life. But gathering enough energy to surpass it is necessary. 

The truth cannot be avoided but can be accepted. 

You should be able to store the memories intact like a piece of necklace for ashes that has the capability to store cremains, a lock of hair, soils, and so on. 

It is important to note that grief is not just a result of the loss of a human. But also, could be a reason to lose pets.

Pet is an important part of our family as well. And their loss could be unbearable ones. You will find pet urns (available in various shapes and styles that fit the description of your pet) to pay tribute to their existence as well. 

Help the people around you out of the unfortunate incident to live better by beholding the best memories close to your hearts.

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Spread love through the unique gestures mentioned-above onto others’ lives.