Aluminum Foil: The Ideal Choice for Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum – one of the most abundant elements found on earth – is extracted from bauxite and then refined to produce pure aluminum oxide called alumina.

It is a thin metal leaf made of aluminum, with a thickness of less than 0.2 mm. A standard household aluminum foil is around 0.016 mm in thickness, while a heavy-duty aluminum foil is typically 0.024 mm.

The foil is highly pliable, flexible, and heat-resistant, and it can be easily wrapped around food or other consumer goods.

It is generally made of pure aluminum; however, various aluminum alloys are being engineered to add to the aluminum foil for enhancing its strength and flexibility.

It is widely used for packaging of foods, pharmaceutical and chemical products, and cosmetics, as it protects the contents against heat, moisture, and microorganisms such as bacteria.

It is more sustainable compared to other forms of packaging such as plastic due to its recyclability and reusability.

Why Aluminum Foil Is Good for Packaging of Food Products

It is the ideal choice for food packaging, as it acts as a strong barrier to light and air and helps preserve food for a longer period of time.

It is lightweight and fully recyclable, and its common kitchen applications include covering baking surfaces and wrapping foods such as meat and fish to prevent moisture loss while cooking or grilling.

Commonly used foil containers are round foil pans, aluminum catering trays, three-compartment foil pans or trays, and aluminum foil steam tables.

These containers are designed according to various user requirements and are largely used at homes, catered events, and hotels and restaurants for food storage and packaging.

Besides containers, aluminum foil packaging is available in other forms such as house foils, laminated lids, chocolate foils, foil lined bags, and foil round seals.

Hence, this type of packaging has significant advantages over other packaging forms, such as better hygiene & safety, sustainability, assorted design, greater flexibility, and heat conductivity.

When wrapped around food while cooking, aluminum helps in even distribution of heat and accelerates the cooking process. Moroever, food-grade foil is sterile and aseptic and keeps the food fresh and contaminant-free.

Extensive Use of Aluminum Foil Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, packaging is an indispensable part of the production process, and high-quality packaging of medicines ensures their safe storage and transportation from the manufacturing facility to drug store aisles.

Most common types of aluminum foil packaging for pharmaceutical products include push-through foils, heat seal lacquer, and blister cover foil.

Blister foil packs are the most widely used drug packaging and consist of blisters – which are plastic cavities made for holding the tablets – and push-through closures made of foil, commonly known as blister lids.

The blister foil packs are compact and easy to handle, and they keep the tablets and capsules clean and protected.

Both soft and hard aluminum foil can be used for drug packaging; hard foil requires lesser force to break and releases the drug relatively faster, while, soft foil requires greater force and is thus proven to be more child-resistant.

World’s Top 5 Companies Offering Reliable Aluminum Foil Packaging Solutions

  • Novelis

Novelis is a global leader in flat-rolled aluminum products and provides innovative packaging solutions to the food & beverage, aerospace, automotive, and specialty markets.

As the largest recycler of aluminum in the world, Novelis operates a highly integrated network of advanced aluminum rolling and recycling facilities around the globe.

The company is committed to delivering environment-friendly and sustainable products and offers lightweight, recyclable aluminum.

Novelis offers light-gauge, flexible packaging solutions for food & beverage and pharmaceutical products, including containers, trays and complementary accessories (lids, coated carton lids, closing & sealing foils, and insulated transport boxes), aluminum converter foil, and bottles, caps & closures, and cartridges for sensitive pharmaceutical goods.

  • Amcor Plc

Amcor Plc is a world-renowned packaging solutions provider headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. The company specializes in flexible packaging, specialty cartons, rigid containers, and closures for the food & beverage, home & personal care, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

Under the food packaging segment, Amcor provides safe, sustainable, and convenient packaging solutions for dairy products, fresh produce, meat & seafood, baby food, and ready-to-eat meals.

The company is also recognized globally for its innovative aluminum packaging solutions for medical & pharmaceutical products including oral and dermal products, injectables, intravenous fluids, and pulmonary devices.

Amcor offers a wide range of push-through, child-resistant blister lidding solutions specially designed for product protection, packing line efficiency, and opening convenience.

  • Reynolds Group Holdings Limited

New Zealand-based Reynolds Group Holdings is a leading packaging company specializing in aluminum packaging solutions.

Reynolds Wrap® is one of the company’s leading product lines and offers premium aluminum foil products, including Everyday Aluminum Foil, Heavy-Duty Foil, Grill Foil, Non-Stick Foil, Foil Sheets, Pitmaster’s Choice Foil, and 100% Recycled Foil.

The products are versatile, tough, and durable, and are available in easy open & close boxes. These are a perfect fit for wrapping food, lining sheet pans, storing or refrigerating leftover foods, and making foil packets for grilling meat.

  • Eurofoil Luxembourg S.A.

A subsidiary company of the American Industrial Acquisition Corporation (AIAC), Eurofoil specializes in the manufacture of aluminum foil & packaging products.

The company is committed to reducing the global environmental impact of carbon emissions with its highly sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Products offered by Eurofoil are ISO14001-certified and compliant with the ASI Performance Standards.

The company offers flexible aluminum foil packaging solutions for food and pharmaceutical products, with unique and versatile features.

Its converter foil is highly formable and offers robust heat resistance and high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Moreover, the foil comes in a striking pack design and can be recycled after use. Eurofoil’s extensive product range includes wraps, pouches, lids, cheese foil, aseptic cartons, push-through blister packs, cold formable blister, and laminated tubes.

  • Plus Pack AS

Leading Danish brand Plus Pack is dedicated to providing customized, innovative, and sustainable aluminum food packaging solutions.

Plus Pack’s leading product lines include Ready2Cook®, Bistro™, Zen™, SquarePac™, VistoPac™, CaterPac™, ClearShow™, DiamondBowl™, Eclipse™, GourmetExpress™, LunchBox™, Portion Pack, Prego™, and ShelfMaster™.

The brand has gained major recognition for Ready2Cook® microwaveable food packaging solutions. These aluminum cooking trays can be easily used in the microwave oven for maximum cooking convenience.

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Moreover, these containers are 100% recyclable and ideal for storing fresh vegetables and frozen meat and fish.