Interview with Aman J Jain, CEO & Co-founder of Doodhvale, an online app based dairy

Aman J Jain

An exclusive interview with Aman J Jain, CEO & Co-founder of Doodhvale, an online app based dairy which delivers farm fresh & 100% pure cow and buffalo milk within few hours of milking

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce and technology, some entrepreneurs stand out for their commitment to delivering not just convenience, but also quality and freshness to their customers. Aman J Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of Doodhvale, exemplifies this commitment through his innovative venture.

Doodhvale is an online app-based dairy that brings farm-fresh and 100% pure cow and buffalo milk directly to your doorstep within hours of milking. Aman’s journey in building this remarkable business is both inspiring and educational, and we are privileged to sit down with him today to gain insights into his vision, challenges, and the future of Doodhvale.

Can you tell us about the founding principles of Doodhvale and how the company is disrupting the dairy industry?

Aman J Jain: Doodhvale was established on the basis of the idea of offering the highest-quality and freshest milk and dairy products to consumers while backing local farmers and safeguarding the health and well-being of our cows.

By delivering farm-fresh dairy products straight to our customers’ homes, we think we can cut out the middlemen and revolutionise the dairy sector. This eliminates the requirement for conventional methods of shipment while still ensuring high-quality items for buyers.

What sets Doodhvale apart from traditional dairy companies, and how does the company’s customer-first approach drive its operations?

Aman J Jain: What separates Doodhvale is our continuous dedication to putting the consumer first. We prioritise client pleasure by assuring on-time delivery, transparency plus flexible payment methods. All of our operations, from sourcing to delivery, are guided by our customer-first approach.

Could you elaborate on Doodhvale’s commitment to delivering high-quality milk products directly from the farm to customers’ doorsteps? How is technology integrated into this process?

Aman J Jain: We are committed to bringing high-quality dairy products straight from our dairy farms to our customers’ residences. We use innovative milk collection and monitoring systems to incorporate technology. This makes it possible for us to keep up a cold-chain and track each batch of milk via farm to client, assuring its quality and freshness.

The mission of Doodhvale focuses on providing customers with the purest form of milk and dairy products. Could you share how your team ensures the quality and purity of the products you deliver?

Aman J Jain: Our staff is committed to assuring product purity and quality. In order to guarantee that our dairy product reaches the highest norms, we apply stringent inspection techniques, including frequent testing. Furthermore, our devotion to ensuring our cows’ wellbeing plus stress-free, natural habitats helps improve the calibre of the nutritious milk they produce.

Could you provide insight into Doodhvale’s sourcing process? How do you maintain the stress-free and natural environment for the cows, resulting in high-quality milk?

Aman J Jain: Our sourcing method prioritises the welfare of our cows. We keep our dairy cows within stress-free and natural habitats, offer them high-quality feed and adhere to animal husbandry best practises. Cows that are healthy and content generate high-quality milk, which serves as the foundation for our goods.

It’s impressive that Doodhvale’s milk is delivered within 24-36 hours of milking. Can you explain the significance of this rapid delivery and its impact on the freshness and quality of the products?

Aman J Jain:Our milk must be delivered within a period of 24 to 36 hours of being milked in order to be fresh. This rapid turnaround guarantees that our consumers obtain the cleanest as well as freshest milk possible, which im proves the flavour and nutritional content of our products.

Quality assurance is a key aspect of Doodhvale’s operations. How do you employ scientific testing, self-test kits, certified lab reports, and daily lab test reports to instill confidence in your customers?

Aman J Jain: Scientific evaluation, self-testing kits, certified lab results as well as daily lab test reports are among the stringent quality assurance techniques we apply. These methods give our consumers trust by giving clear and verifiable data regarding the quality as well as safety of our goods.

The pasteurization process and end-to-end cold-chain maintenance at 3°C play a role in preserving the milk’s shelf life and quality. Could you delve deeper into how these processes work and benefit the consumers?

Aman J Jain: Our pasteurisation technique along with end-to-end cold-chain management at 3°C are critical to ensuring milk quality and its shelf life. Pasteurisation guarantees that the milk is safe to drink, whereas the cold chain keeps it fresh by avoiding bacterial development.

With Doodhvale’s focus on cutting-edge technology, can you share any specific technological innovations or advancements that have contributed to enhancing the customer experience?

Aman J Jain: We are always investing in cutting-edge technologies to improve the experience of our customers. This involves improvements in milk collecting, tracking and contact with customers. We’re also looking into smart packaging and smartphone apps to create a more seamless customer experience.

Looking forward, what are Doodhvale’s aspirations in becoming a household name for pure and fresh products? Are there any upcoming initiatives or expansions that you’d like to highlight?

Aman J Jain: Our goal is to create a household name for high-quality, fresh dairy products. We intend to broaden our line of offerings and reach out to more clients in other places. Furthermore, to better support our purpose, we are investigating environmentally friendly packaging choices and forming relationships with local communities.

Aman J Jain’s passion for delivering the finest quality milk to consumers through Doodhvale is a testament to his unwavering dedication to both the dairy industry and technological innovation. His vision of creating a platform that connects consumers with local farmers, ensures the freshness and purity of their products, and fosters community connections is truly commendable.

As we conclude this interview, it is evident that Aman’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have created a flourishing platform that benefits both consumers and local farmers alike. With an exciting future ahead, Aman and Doodhvale are poised to continue making a significant impact on the dairy industry, and we eagerly anticipate the company’s growth and success in the years to come.

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