Aman Sharma’s Journey of Self-Discovery: From Engineering Aspirant to UPSC Mentor

Aman Sharma

Aman Sharma, hailing from a modest family in Delhi, faced financial hardships during his childhood, instilling in him a deep-seated fear of failure. This apprehension extended into his academic life, where he isolated himself socially and excelled solely in studies.

Choosing a Career Path

Upon completing high school, Aman pursued engineering, a common choice for middle-class students. Despite securing admission to an average engineering college, he felt uncertain about his career prospects. During his final year, he stumbled upon the Indian Civil Services (UPSC) examination, recognizing its potential to elevate his life to the highest levels of Indian society.

With the support of his parents, Aman embarked on his rigorous UPSC preparation journey.

Obstacles and Setbacks

Navigating UPSC preparation proved challenging. The vast amount of information, competitive nature of the exam, and lack of guidance overwhelmed Aman. He failed his first three preliminary examinations despite his efforts.

Disappointment turned into self-doubt, leading to an emotional crisis. The study room where he had invested years became a symbol of his perceived failures. He experienced fear and depression.

Rediscovering Hope

Amidst his despair, Aman found solace in the unwavering support of his family and sister. Their belief in him reignited a spark of hope. They helped him realize that life presents numerous challenges and that failure is an integral part of growth and learning.

Inspired by this perspective, Aman resolved to give the UPSC exam another attempt. He approached his preparation with renewed determination, focusing on his weaknesses.

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Redefining Success

During his journey, Aman launched a YouTube channel, “Study IAS,” where he shared his experiences and insights with other aspirants. Teaching brought him joy and purpose. He realized that his calling extended beyond cracking the UPSC exam to empowering students to achieve their dreams.

His passion for teaching led him to leave his job at an ed-tech firm and pursue mentoring full-time. He recognized the importance of newspapers in UPSC preparation and developed a comprehensive method for analyzing them.

Aman’s Four Phases of Newspaper Analysis

His newspaper analysis method comprises four distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Understanding news items and linking them to the UPSC syllabus.
  • Phase 2: Identifying the pros and cons of the news.
  • Phase 3: Developing a thought process and formulating mains answers based on the news.
  • Phase 4: Asking questions to enhance critical thinking and conclusions.

Tips for UPSC Success

For UPSC aspirants, Aman emphasizes three crucial tips:

  • Foundational Focus: Prioritize NCERT textbooks and foundational materials.
  • Test Analysis: Use tests not only to gauge progress but also to identify and address weaknesses.
  • Ownership of the Journey: Recognize that success solely relies on personal hard work and determination.


Life’s journey presents numerous stations, and missing one does not signify the end of the line. New beginnings await, and individuals have the capacity to succeed in any endeavor they set their minds to.

Aman Sharma’s journey exemplifies this message, as he transformed his challenges into opportunities for self-growth and mentoring others towards their dreams.

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