Ameet Patil, Tech. Entrepreneur & CEO of Ecobillz, an innovative SaaS based real time digitization platform

Ameet Patil-Ecobillz

Ameet Patil, Tech. Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Ecobillz Private Limited

Ameet Patil, a self-made entrepreneur who never looks back while taking a step forward for a worthy cause, is best known as a Go-Getter.

Born and brought up in Belagavi, a town claimed to be second capital of Karnataka, he dreamt of building a product company in his home town and make Belagavi recognizable on the global map.

While his career took him places, with Ecobillz, he fulfilled his dream of providing a sustainable solution of developing a paperless world— “Made in Belagavi, for the World”.

Ameet, has been always technically inclined towards software programming and was a pro at developing software by seventh standard in school.

He was invited by University of York to do his PhD in Computer Science, though he never did his Masters.

A keen cricketer who played in Yorkshire Dale County during his stint in the UK, Ameet always has his vision clear to venture into entrepreneurship that will have social impact.

He has a lot of experience running startups (since 2009) and in the process earned a lot of scars and stars to ultimately find his footing with Ecobillz, that helps large organizations to jump onto the digital band wagon with real-time AI based automation, thus making business paper-free.

He was handpicked by Rapita Systems Limited, UK as an expert in real-time systems software. He made his way back to India in 2009, continuing to develop and market the same Rapita product under a homegrown brand Spundhan Softwares Pvt. Ltd., which later got merged into LinkEZ Technologies Private Limited to focus on building the next big thing in IoT product space for Industrial Automation.

The focus of the start-up was to provide an IoT ecosystem including interconnectivity, IoT gateway, network security, cloud storage, analytics and data presentation.

Ameet used his experience as a global sales person, consultant for innovative solutions customised for Defence, Aerospace and Automotive domains followed by experience of leading a Research cluster, to crystallise his thoughts into Ecobillz.

Currently leading Ecobillz Pvt. Ltd. -a NASSCOM 10,000 Startup and also part of 500 Startups – with a strong mission to help large organizations adopt advanced digitization using AI to increase productivity with process automation and data mining, Ameet dreams of saving trees and time—thus making business more responsible.

While Ecobillz today is adapted for hospitality industry, the product can be assembled successfully for hospitals (health industry), retail and many other domains as well.

Ecobillz: Using AI over API to build a Paperless World

Established in 2016, Ecobillz is an innovative SaaS based real time digitization platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to digitize, collect, aggregate data and build complex back-office automation systems.

The product, connects with the existing systems and software, accessing the data and streamlining them onto Ecobillz platform to ease the document management process in large organizations. 

The platform aims to build the technology that can read, accumulate documents and store data in real-time, thus leading to an efficient digitised document management system.

As the platform focuses on industry wise intervention to replace paper-based transactions with customers, the artificial intelligence embedded in Ecobillz help to crunch the data, thus generating valuable insights for the respective businesses.

Ecobillz, while currently focussed on the hospitality business, also aims to foray into multiple domains such as hospitals and automotive sector.

Designed to be least intrusive of technologies that can be installed as a plug-n-play digitisation module requiring no change in existing PMS/POS, Ecobillz can be integrated within the existing system for being implemented immediately.

As the platform magically works with any PMS and POS software without requiring any tight integration, its implementation cost and time is relative less compared to other solutions in the market.

Ecobillz has the power to collate and aggregate signed invoices, receipts, reports in one single click and coordinate with multiple devices to update the system without failure.

Ecobillz enables world-class automation for every document/process in any business – right from income audit, approval workflows, reconciliation and account receivables to improve operational efficiency and gain huge time and cost benefits. In the process, it has the capacity to generate and empower the management with in-depth visibility of the business at any given time

As the product is currently in use and implementation across top hotel chains in India, it is working with the businesses to fine tune and personalise the requirements of these chains.

Ecobillz has already provided options like sending Registration card via email or WhatsApp in advance; providing access to all invoices/documents on guest phone, verification of resident and non-resident guests, accessing digital Food and Beverage menu on guest phone, placing orders and providing payment options online.

While Ecobillz has been helping the guests to make informed choices without unnecessary in-personal interaction, it helps the hotels by fetching guest arrival details, updating guest profile, update and payment posting and even help with generating custom report exports for GST filing. Ecobillz has the capacity to integrate any payment gateway with pre-authorization.

Going forward, Ecobillz aims to establish itself firmly in the hospitality business, while testing water in the other sectors.

Co-founded by Ameet Patil and Nitesh Singh Rathore, Ecobillz dreams of impacting the Global Sustainability mandate by implementing this AI driven SaaS product worldwide and adding to the Made in India story.

Ecobillz is currently working with 150+ hospitality establishments across India and is also planning to expand globally in Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia.

Ecobillz is currently adding 10 hospitality properties every month, to its existing list of clients and sincerely aims that they could make a foray into sustainability index of India.

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