Aminder Singh, Fitness Expert and Founder of Team Aminder

Aminder Singh, Fitness Expert and Founder of Team Aminder

Interview with Aminder Singh, Fitness Expert and Founder of Team Aminder

Aminder Singh is a founder of Team Aminder which is a start-up with a unique online training program operating worldwide.

Team Aminder to target 1 billion individuals and help them practice clean fitness to achieve their targeted fitness goals and prolonged wellness. 

The idea behind the initiative is to give a boost to the Fit India Movement and establish a community of mentors who are working towards educating individuals and help them maintain a self-sustaining fitness regime.

The company already has a network of more than 10,000 teachers across India. With a need to declutter and eventually eliminate the unauthentic fitness culture for a healthy world, Team Aminder wants to to redefine the fitness world by introducing the concept of Clean Fitness.

Tell us a little about yourself

Aminder Singh: I was raised in a middle-class household and was born in Panna, Madhya Pradesh. As a child, I experienced bullying and physical abuse due to my slim and slender appearance, which made me feel terrible.

I eventually found the drive to join a gym. I started out slowly, but after a year and a half, my body began responding really well.

While I was developing in bodybuilding, I got a coach named Manjeet Singh who forced me to compete.

With God’s blessing, I came sixth in that competition, which changed the course of my life. As a result, I decided that I should now start competing in bodybuilding.

How did you become a fitness expert?

Aminder Singh: My career as a fitness professional began in 1994 when I competed and won the title of the strongest man in a powerlifting competition.

Two years later, in 1995, I started my own gym with the help of my parents and a mere investment of two lacs, which included the cost of machines and the interior.

We named the gym body flex maidan and kept the fee of just 100 INR per month. It was a basic gym with jute carpets, no ACs, Simple Machines, and no cardio equipment; it was just like an Akhada.

Kindly brief us about Team Aminder & its specialization

Aminder Singh: After moving around all across India, I found that the general public is being misled and a lot of false information is being shared.

Therefore, we specialize in every possible thing related to fitness such as weight gain, weight loss, fat loss, muscle building, preventing diabetes, issues with lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, pod, etc, aiming to make 1 billion people self-reliant for prolonged fitness.

What inspired you to start Team Aminder and develop an online fitness training program?

Aminder Singh: In 2014, I was extremely busy training industrialists and celebrities, including popular Punjabi Singer and Rapper Honey Singh.

Once, I was sitting in my cabin when a couple entered and requested if I could train them, and that was the point when the idea of training and educating people came into my mind.

I really feel that online training has better potential and is much better than offline training.  In Online training, we take the screen test from a person, take 5-6 exercise snaps from them and gather all the information from them to make a plan for them afterward.

Moreover, we provided WhatsApp training from 2014 to 2017. In 2017 I came up with the idea to expand this worldwide and called my senior students to show them my idea.

I showed them how they could earn without investment and that’s how in 2017 we led the foundation team Aminder.

How do you tailor your fitness programs to meet the individual needs and goals of your clients?

Aminder Singh: Team Aminder works on a very highly customised work out plans, there is not a single copy and paste version which the majority of the online and the gym people try to do, like they just make one plan and give it to everyone the same thing.

Let me give you an example if you go to a tailor, he will check you what is the size of your body and according to your body size they make clothes. So that it fits you and you can wear the clothes comfortably again and again.

The same thing Team Aminder does is that we try to gather the inputs about peoples past experience of fitness, strength level, posture level, eating habits, past eating habits if they have lost weight before or not their internal system any issues with any joints, any sports injuries, any nutrition deficiency, any allergy to food their taste and preferences, which part of the world they are, which part of the country they are which food source is the stable food for that particular area.

Each and everything is gathered from there and once we gather the information then we make the plan as per there current level if they want to do it in gym or they want to do it at home, they have the equipment’s or they don’t have the equipment’s, whatever is required from them so we take the thing and we make a highly customised plan as per person. So, it means every plan is individualised. There are no two plans which is going to be similar.

What is your vision for the future of Team Aminder? Are there any new features or expansions planned for the program?

Aminder Singh: Team Aminder has now expanded its footprint to a network of 10,000 teachers in India. The expansion aims to support the FIT INDIA Movement by the government of India to bring about behavioural changes, move towards a more physically active lifestyle, and establish a community of mentors who are working towards educating individuals and helping them maintain a self-sustaining fitness regime. Our main mission is to reach 1 billion people worldwide and teach them.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and research in the fitness industry to ensure your program remains effective and up-to-date?

Aminder Singh: By studying, by getting education from the research, which ever keeps on coming from the research papers we keep on updating from that thing.

Moreover, its trail and error which always keeps on going with different people also data base of thousands of people, dealing with lot of people and my experience of three decade make us quite good. Apart from that if any new things come up, we check up with that thing and do trail and errors.

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