Interview with Amit Adesara, Designation – Co-Founder of Deseo Fintech

Amit Adesara

An exclusive interview with Amit Adesara, Designation – Co-Founder of Deseo Fintech, a third generation online investment technology platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, Deseo Fintech has emerged as a trailblazer, seamlessly blending innovation and reliability to redefine the online investment experience. At the helm of this cutting-edge platform is Mr. Amit Adesara, the Co-Founder of Deseo Fintech.

With a vision fueled by a passion for revolutionizing the way individuals approach investments, Amit has played a pivotal role in shaping Deseo Fintech into a third-generation online investment technology platform.

This interview offers a unique opportunity to delve into the insights and perspectives of a visionary leader, exploring the journey of Deseo Fintech and gaining valuable industry insights from Amit Adesara.

Could you elaborate on DESEO’s PAAS advisory technology platform specifically that enables advisors, brokers distributors and end clients to create a ready to go end to end advisory ecosystems?

Amit Adesara: In the evolving landscape of investment advisory, specialized advisors like Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and Research Analysts (RA) now offer personalized services. These experts, proficient in investment management, face challenges in complying with SEBI guidelines for tasks such as risk profiling, KYC, advisory agreements, and fee collection. Additionally, they need to manage non-core operations like client communication and renewals to reach a broader investor base.

To efficiently reach investors, RIA/RAs must either establish their distribution channels or collaborate with existing entities like Brokers, MF/PMS Distributors, and Insurance Advisors. The seamless execution of advice/model portfolios becomes crucial for a satisfactory end-customer experience.

DESEO provides a cost-effective, cloud-hosted technology ecosystem, ensuring compliance with statutory guidelines for all partners in the value chain. This solution facilitates RIA/RAs in managing model portfolios, meeting SEBI guidelines, and, on the other end, offering a white-labeled subdomain to distributors (Brokers, PMS/MF Distributors, Insurance Advisors) with deep integration into their Order Management Systems for investment execution. Our platform currently enables investments in equity and ETFs and we plan to add more asset classes as we progress.

Could you explain in more detail how brokers, advisors, and distributors can specifically build unique digital ecosystems using DESEO’s PaaS? What special capabilities or resources does your API infrastructure provide to make this customization easier?

Amit Adesara: DESEO’s PaaS empowers brokers, advisors, and distributors to build unique digital ecosystems through its Ready-to-Market technology solutions. With white-labeled client portals that can be customized with partners’ brand identities, deep integration with brokers’ execution on both web and mobile platforms, and the option to consume ready client portal APIs, the platform offers flexibility in creating a tailored digital environment.

The API infrastructure provides seamless customization capabilities, allowing partners to choose either a ready-to-go template or design a customized journey as per their specific requirements.

How does DESEO manage the technological complexity so that companies can concentrate on their expansion? Could you elaborate on some of the main technical difficulties or complexities that your platform successfully handles for your customers?

Amit Adesara: DESEO effectively manages technological complexity for companies, enabling them to focus on expansion. The platform interfaces with different Order Management Systems (OMS) of each distribution partner, handling the challenges presented by each OMS through micro services and plug-ins.

This ensures compatibility without impacting the core engine. Additionally, DESEO addresses trade end-of-day (EOD) reconciliation, stock exchange statutory requirements, and other complexities efficiently, streamlining the entire process for its clients.

How does DESEO’s PaaS differ from other comparable products on the market? What unique features, integrations, or customer service offerings set your platform apart and give brokers, advisors, and distributors a reason to choose it over competitors?

Amit Adesara: DESEO’s PaaS stands out from competitors with its unique features and offerings. The platform provides white-labeled client portals hosted on partners’ domains or subdomains, reinforcing the branding of partners and ensuring a seamless experience for end customers.

The “Phygital” approach accommodates both digital and physical interactions, allowing designated users to service clients on timely rebalancing and renewals. DESEO’s commitment to adding more relevant investible instruments further differentiate it, contributing to a holistic and evolving solution for advisors and distributors.

Are there any case studies for each of the partner that associates with your PAAS platform?

Amit Adesara: Certainly. Let’s consider the case study of Swastika Investmart Ltd, a recently launched Broker Distributor Partner using DESEO’s PAAS platform. DESEO has seamlessly white-labeled their advisory platform, providing a customized subdomain, UI/UX web portal, and integration into their mobile application.

Swastika Investmart now operates a private marketplace hosting both their proprietary model portfolios and third-party (RIA) portfolios. The platform handles client risk profiling, KYC, digital agreement signing, and subscription fee collection.

Subscribers enjoy easy execution with a click, and post-investment, DESEO manages performance calculation, corporate actions, dividends, and keeps clients informed about rebalancing, renewals, and other communications from advisors.

In another use case, a Broker partner opted to use our APIs for tailoring the UI/UX to their specific needs. Likewise, RIAs/RAs can leverage DESEO’s white-labeled client portal to distribute their investment advisory products and build their distribution channels.

For example, Buoyant Capital Pvt Ltd uses DESEO’s platform for a white-labeled client portal showcasing their products. Overall, DESEO’s PAAS platform offers a comprehensive 360-degree solution for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

In conclusion, our conversation with Amit Adesara, the Co-Founder of Deseo Fintech, provides a glimpse into the dynamic world of third-generation online investment technology.

Through his visionary leadership, Deseo Fintech has successfully navigated the complexities of the fintech landscape, offering investors a sophisticated platform to navigate the markets.

Amit’s passion for innovation and commitment to empowering individuals in their financial journeys shine through in this discussion. As we bid farewell, it is evident that the future of online investments holds exciting possibilities, and Deseo Fintech, under Amit’s guidance, is poised to continue its trailblazing path in the fintech industry.

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