Legend Amrapali Presents a Range of Beautifully Crafted Topaz Pieces for November

Amrapali Diamond Ring - Earring

Legend Amrapali’s Topaz pieces for November

Legend Amrapali, sub-brand of the globally renowned luxury jewellery brand, Amrapali Jewel encapsulated for the woman who embraces her uniqueness and creates her own idea of beauty.  Legend Amrapali offers designs handcrafted in Jaipur by master artisans.

Topaz, the November birthstone, is traditionally the most unique and exquisite gemstone and is a much sought-after stone for jewellery.

Legend Amrapali puts together a range of beautifully crafted Topaz pieces from the brand. The selections are an amalgamation of ancient and cutting edge designs, each piece is created with intricate, authentic detail, using techniques that are thousands of years old. 

Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word “tapas”, which means “fire”. The topaz stone was believed to bring longevity and wisdom in India, and thus it has traditionally been a symbol of honour and strength. It is believed that topaz worn above the heart assures long life, beauty and intelligence. 

Legend Amrapali offers pieces mainly consisting of blue and white topaz stones that have been beautifully crafted with diamonds in 18kt gold, shaped in the Amrapali signature lotus cut in earrings, rings and necklaces.

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