An Entrepreneur Guide to Choosing The Best Betting Business Models

Business Models

Gamblers are becoming more prevalent in today’s digital era. With global internet and affordable technology, almost anyone can access numerous betting sites or be aware of this industry. Nevertheless, many players are scouring for opportunities outside the traditional sportsbook floor. That said, it opens up many opportunities for people in business like us.

In this article, we will cover various betting business models that you can explore. See how these new strategies bring new avenues for profit. You might use one of them and take full advantage of this promising industry.

Digital Betting Platforms

Digital betting platforms are an umbrella term that pertains to sports betting websites. Nowadays, they’ve been on the rise as the need for entertainment skyrocketed as technology grew. These platforms generally function like traditional sports betting floors, only that all transactions are made online and with additional benefits. 

This model’s unique selling point is that it offers convenience, accessibility, and perks far more than a traditional establishment would. This allows people in business to attract all kinds of bettors regardless of location and provides a steady growth rate, especially if the platform holds significant sports leagues.

The TopSport website is a platform that uses this business model. By offering many betting lines in major league sports, it makes up a profitable business coupled with good marketing and advertising.

Crypto Betting

Crypto Betting works just like any digital betting platform, and the difference is the value between cryptocurrencies fluctuates. Because of the nature of cryptocurrencies, winning bets on this platform and exchanging them for fiat currency differs wildly, which could be a double-edged sword for business people and bettors.

This means that even if technically you’re betting the same events, lines, and platforms, once you play with cryptocurrencies, it adds another level of difficulty, given its unstable nature and tendency to fluctuate in just a click. At one point, you might see the value going more than the fiat value of a wager, and then, by the second you click to transfer funds, you’d receive the opposite.

Currently, there are not many platforms focusing on crypto betting besides esports platforms, although some betting companies are slowly integrating with cryptocurrency as a credible mode of payment through added security features and blockchain regulations. Nevertheless, the business models hold much potential, especially for those considering this investment.

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

As the name states, this business model involves bookmakers or peer-to-peer bookies serving as middlemen, connecting bettors and lines, and getting paid through commissions for their services based on player winnings.

This business model is arguably one of the safer sides amongst other betting business models, as this model removes the inherent risk of losing money through commission-based revenues. However, it might not be as profitable as other business models, but at least this could be a good chance for businessmen to add it as one of their ventures.

Game Collection Models

Like most online casinos nowadays, this business model involves setting up a platform full of different casino and sportsbook games from either 3rd party developers or themselves. Many operators do this with hundreds of sportsbook games available on the digital library that they can manipulate to maximize customer experience.

But before this model operates, it needs to have an explicit agreement between the software’s provider and you. This model needs to cover many clauses, especially with legal implications and requirements. But the most crucial part here is money; usually, the providers only take a portion of the platform’s winnings as long as their games remain active.

Online Turnkey Models

Another popular business model is turnkey platforms. This is where a company buys the ownership of existing, ready-to-operate platforms complete with sportsbook lines and other betting programs.

This model allows operators to function with little technical expertise and launch their games quickly. However, a big caveat in this model is that it lacks complete control over the platforms and is generally more expensive than making one as it comes as a package for would-be investors.

Mobile Gaming

Along with the web-based betting platform comes the integration to mobile devices. With many phones bearing strong processing power, it’s unsurprising that many entrepreneurs use mobile gaming as their business model, especially with gambling.

The convenience, simplicity, and ability to play anywhere and anytime make it popular. When done right, the mobile gaming business model would bear potential as a successful endeavor for business people as people are more inclined to faster and better gaming experiences.

Final Thoughts

The gambling world is fascinating to tackle from a business perspective. With millions of dollars turned into wagers and millions more as potential revenue, it is no surprise that many of us venture into this industry and build ourselves a profitable business.

As such, the models mentioned above are just an example of the best opportunities that you can use to turn a profit. As long as you do it right and with proper marketing, you’ll see the full potential your business can have against the competitive betting market.

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